CM – Storm surges museum fire scarring in Flagstaff, precipitation equals 200 to 500 years event


Flooding in late July in Flagstaff as a result of runoff from the museum’s burn scar. (Photo / Coconino County)

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona – Approximately 12:15 pm. today it began to rain over the burn scar of the museum. When the great storm system left the area, the entire fire area was saturated, resulting in the largest rainfall event to date.

Gauges distributed over the burn scar recorded the hourly precipitation as follows: 3.07 « in the south lane, 2.4 » in the west lane, 1.5 « in the east lane, 0.75 » in the north -Track. Additionally, rainfall was intense with over 1.14 inches on the south and west lanes in 15 minutes and 1.06 inches on the east lane.

There was considerable rainfall not only on the burn scar itself, but also in the vicinity of Sunnyside. In one hour, 1.22 inches fell at Linda Vista and 1.5 inches were recorded downstream in neighborhoods.

The precipitation measured at the south level corresponds to a precipitation event of 200 to 500 years.

The precipitation over the entire Burn scar, combined with the significant rainfall in the neighborhood, resulted in flooding that blocked roads and exceeded the damage limit. Significant debris was seen in the rainwater as a large area of ​​the burn scar was previously unaffected by heavy rainfall.

The Coconino County Flood Control District and the City of Flagstaff have mobilized all resources and will begin cleaning up as soon as the water runs out backwards.

STEP BACK: Residents were seen today watching the flash flood currents very close to the water.

This is extremely dangerous. Currents can occur that can easily knock people, especially children, off their feet. Don’t get near the flood.

DIRT ON PROPERTY: If you have rubble on your property, it is best to take the rubble out onto the street if possible. This will help the community and city workers clear the rubble with their heavy equipment. If you need help removing dirt, contact the call center. The city will work with United Way to mobilize volunteers.

PARKED CARS: If you live on a street that has been ruined from flooding, please do not park your car on the street. Cars parked on these streets prevent the sandbags from doing their job – they protect your property.

MORE RAIN: Additional rain is expected. Local residents must be vigilant and ready to protect themselves on site. Charge your phones. Assemble a strut kit using the following:

TRACK WEATHER: For the latest weather conditions for museum scars and NWS notifications, visit

MUSEUM FLOOD AREA CALL CENTER: The call center is open every day. The opening times may change depending on the weather events. The number is 928-679-8525.

KEEP IN TOUCH: Coconino County and the City of Flagstaff are posting updates on our websites and social media at,, and facebook .com / coconinocounty |,

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