CM – Sun flair: Nasa probe crosses the sun’s atmosphere on a historical route


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A NASA spacecraft has officially « touched » the sun after plunging through the unexplored solar atmosphere known as the corona.

The Parker Solar Probe flew through the corona during the eighth approach to the sun in April.

Scientists said it was taking a few months to get the data back and then several more months to confirm.

Parker was launched in 2018 and was eight million kilometers from the center of the Sun when it first encountered the rugged, uneven boundary between the The spacecraft dipped into and out of the corona at least three times, each time a smooth transition.

â €? The first and most dramatic time we were five hours between us. . . now you think maybe five hours, that doesn’t sound great, ???? Justin Kasper of the University of Michigan told reporters.

But he did notice that Parker was moving so fast that during that time he covered a huge distance and raced at over 100 miles per second.

According to Raouafi the Corona appeared dustier than expected. Future coronal excursions will help scientists better understand the origin of solar wind, he said, and how it is heated and accelerated into space.

Since the sun lacks a solid surface, the corona is where the Action takes place; Exploring this magnetically intense region up close can help scientists better understand solar flares that can affect life on Earth.

Preliminary data suggests Parker was also immersed in the corona during his ninth approach in August is, but scientists said more analysis is needed. It made its 10th approach in the last month.

Parker will get closer and closer to the sun and dive deeper into the corona until it reaches its final orbit in 2025.


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