CM – Suspect arrested in shocking kidnapping attempt in NYC


Police arrested one of the criminals on Friday night charged with the brazen attempted kidnapping of a 5-year-old boy who was traveling with his family in Queens.

James McGonagle, 24, from Pomonok, became Charged with attempted kidnapping, reckless endangerment and child harm in connection with the horrific incident in Richmond Hill Thursday night, the NYPD said.

McGonagle’s alleged accomplice, an elderly bald man who was photographed wearing jeans, an orange polo shirt and sunglasses, remains at large.

The disturbing incident was captured by security cameras and shows a maroon limousine carrying the passing next to a mother and her three children on a sidewalk.

A man who, according to police, said was McGonagle, then he jumps out of the car, grabs the little boy and, according to footage, pushes him on top of the car around 8:45 p.m. Backseat of the car near Myrtle and Hillside Avenues.

The desperate mother was able to pull her son out of an open window of the car before the vehicle drove away.

Sources said the mother and her children went to her husband’s job to bring him food when the near-kidnapping occurred.

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