CM – Swans shoot late to give Carlton the blues


Sydney cemented its place in the top 8, beating a resilient Carlton to take a 22-point win at SCG.

In one game of momentum swings and one game Delicately prepared at three-quarters time, the Swans rose 4.4 to 1.3 as they overtook the visitors late in the competition with a final round.

Isaac Heeney showed a match-winning performance in which 22 exits, 14 points and three goals were scored, while Harry Cunningham (27 departures, ten points) was outstanding in defense.

Patrick Cripps (27 departures, three goals) had his best performance of the season and was replaced by Sam Walsh (33 Departures) well supported – but it wasn’t enough for the Blues, who fell to 4-7.

After the Swans scored a goal from Will Hayward in the first minute, Carlton responded with four majors, which was followed by a spectacular Goal by Eddie Betts were crowned to give the Blues an 18 point lead e.g. u.

Sydney would then hit back with four goals of their own to bring the lead back into their advantage, with Lance Franklin’s late goal giving the Swans a slim lead in the first break.

The pendulum would Visitors get in the way again, who began to gain importance in the contested ball (83-60 at halftime), while at the beginning of the second season it counts with three of the first four goals.

The quarter would be under almost The same circumstances change as the first, as Heeney and Franklin scored late goals and reduced the Blues’ lead to one point at halftime.

In another unsteady third quarter, neither team was able to maintain control as both teams two- Goal swings swapped before Heeney scored his third goal just before nine-quarters time to give Sydney a three-point lead.

Carlton’s efforts would last quarter tal slack as Sydney put its foot down in a tumultuous finals as Tom Papley scored two of his three goals to seal the result.

In a game of momentum swings, Carlton found his results early in the top three Quarters, but fell behind late as Sydney built up the pressure in the last five minutes of each quarter.

Sydney kicked a total of 8.4-0.3 during the red period, which ultimately played an important role in the Swans, who ran away with all four points.

It was the battle of the key strikers and it lived up to the reckoning.

At one end, the ever-rising leader of the Coleman Medal, Harry McKay, was being compared shot by shot by someone who did it all before in Lance Franklin, trading blows at both ends in a compelling subplot throughout the game.

Both players booted three in the afternoon but McKay would have his lead on the Co leman if it hadn’t been for inaccuracies – kicking 3.5.

In a fun first term, the crafty veteran did what he’d done throughout his career, bringing in another Sir Doug Nicholls round special a miraculous goal.

After a deep ball within 50 minutes, Betts collected a few steps towards the limit with one hand before snapping the ball back over his body from an almost impossible angle – giving the Blues an early lead .


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