CM – The age photos of the week, May 30, 2021


Tunnel worker Gary Gibson at the Franklin Street Tunnel. Metro Tunnel builders are preparing to remove and extract massive tunneling machinery from underground after excavating two nine-kilometer railway tunnels below Melbourne.

Photo credit: Jason South

The Dhieu family (front, left to right) Nyibol (3) and Sobur (20) (left to right) Adut 5, Athian (5), Makuei (7), father Andrew (50 ), Mayen (17) and Makuei (7) mostly worked together in one room during distance learning. As Victorian students embark on another week of distance learning, a charity warns disadvantaged students who are still suffering from the ill effects of the 2020 lockdown. Credit: Joe Armao

Josh Piterman, the star of the Phantom of the Opera. Melbourne is getting another blockbuster show: The Phantom of the Opera, one of the most successful stage musicals of all time, will return in November. Credit: Justin McManus

Duck hunter Peter McKenzie in Lake Leaghur Wildlife Reserve. For duck hunter Peter McKenzie, Victoria’s annual wild bird shooting season isn’t about money. Instead, it’s been his way of life for 50 years. But as this year’s season kicked off on Wednesday, the veteran Animal Justice Party’s opponent was preparing to reload her campaign to ban hunting with a challenge to the economic rationale behind the controversial sport.

Police of Victoria wrestles with anti-vaccine protesters on Victoria Street in north Melbourne for violating the Chief Health Officer’s lockdown guidelines.Credit: Chris Hopkins

Mandi Davidson with daughter Zoe, 4, due to COVID-19 Restrictions will miss a birthday party for the second year running

Bob Brown Foundation activist Jenny Weber in a lumberjack coupe in Huon Valley, Tasmania. The area of ​​the adjacent forest, which is a typical habitat for fast parrots, is due to be cleared soon. Credit: Jason South

Rachel and Ben Sawyer have moved their wedding forward to Thursday to break the lockdown. You should get married on Friday. Photo credit: Jason South

Danielle Goodwin with one of the designer blankets she sells through her store, Hawkeye Vintage.Credit: Scott McNaughton

Daryl Cooke and his dog Parda on their way back to NSW Thursday. Daryl Cooke was visiting the family in Murchison in central Victoria this week with his wife but decided to return to Sydney a day early when news of Melbourne’s lockdown was announced.

Photo credit: Joe Armao

Curator Dr. Ted Gott with Cezanne’s « Fruit and a Jug on a Table », a masterpiece from the NGV’s French Impressionism exhibition from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.Credit: Simon Schluter

A health worker at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center’s vaccination center . People checking for COVID-19 vaccinations in Melbourne have been turned away, while others have had to wait up to six hours as thousands lined up to roll up their sleeves.Credit: Jason South

Karine and Jason Hart driving a single car -Coffee-cart business have their entire income for the next week with the announcement of Melbourne’s breaker LockdownCredit: See Chris Hopkins Disappear

Workers are racing against time to prepare the great river hall for the opening of the RISING festival on Wednesday . Credit: Jason South

Wearing masks on Melbourne’s public transport network will be enforced as police prepare for a two-week lightning strike. Nearly half of Victorian commuters wear masks incorrectly or not at all on Melbourne’s trains and trams as police prepare to step up their presence online

Shannon Martinez of Smith & Daughters is pictured with stocks at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl that will no longer be eaten by aspiring festival goers for the next seven days

Kent Morris, CEO of Torch, and Flick Chafer-Smith, artist at the opening of Confined. Launched in 2012 and funded by Corrections Victoria, the torchlight program is offered in 14 prisons across the state and aims to support Indigenous prisoners by connecting them to their culture through art and also providing them with an income credit : Chris Hopkins


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