CM – The best restaurant in NYC is completely vegan


Elf Madison Park, one of the most famous restaurants in the world, announced on Monday that its menu would be vegan, according to a statement from chef Daniel Humm.

In an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal, the in the Swiss-born chef: « If Eleven Madison Park is really at the forefront of culinary and culinary innovation, I know this is the only place you can go next. »

The restarted menu gets loud on their website as an “8 to 10-course menu in the main dining room, which consists exclusively of plant-based dishes”. The three Michelin-starred restaurant on 24th Street and Madison, Manhattan will reopen on June 10 after it closed during the pandemic.

Humm admitted their tradition of serving milk and honey with Offering coffee and tea would persist and stated that technically they would not be 100% vegan.

The move sets a whole new precedent in the world of fine dining where few have been brave enough to commit themselves commit to herbal ingredients. Earlier this year, the French restaurant ONA, an acronym for non-animal origin (« animal-free origin ») in Arès near Bordeaux, was the first of its kind in the nation to receive its first Michelin star. Last year, the NIX vegetarian restaurant in New York City also received the coveted awards – shortly before it closed due to pandemic setbacks.

Humm told NPR that he was seriously thinking about health and sustainability while the restaurant was closed last year.

« The way we sourced our food, how we consume our food, how we eat meat is not sustainable, « he said. The 45-year-old restaurant owner also helped feed unemployed and disadvantaged families across town last year, a business that continued until 2021.

Despite the average price of $ 500 for a meal at Eleven Madison Park Humm assured that the dining experience would remain first class.

« Guests have never come to us for just a piece of steak or lobster, » he told NPR. « You have always come to us to be on a journey. »

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