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Bill McKibben on climate crisis, climate mourning, climate protection, & US climate policy – CleanTechnica interview

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Bill McKibben on climate crisis, climate mourning, climate protection, & US climate policy – CleanTechnica interview

Bill McKibben on climate crisis, climate grief, Climate Protection, & US Climate Policy – CleanTechnica Interview

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Elon Musk could be a great ally of the Biden government. After all, they have the same general goals – or at least I thought they did. I thought Biden would be interested in getting as many electric cars on the road as possible by 2030. However, the engagement does not seem strong enough or is clouded by other issues that should not stand in the way of this priority.

Under Biden’s leadership, the US has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and is pushing for stronger global commitments. Unlike the previous administration, Biden is for protecting this planet and for America to do its part to curb climate change. He has also focused on raising fuel economy standards again.

Nonetheless, his administration continues to highlight Elon Musk by excluding him. He did it with Tesla on behalf of the UAW, which Tesla wants to unionize. The White House confirmed this last month after banning Tesla from its press event with American automakers, despite one of those automakers not even based in the United States and convicted of making illegal payments to UAW officials. Tesla employees don’t want to unionize. Why should Tesla or Elon be punished or shamed for it?

In the most recent example of marginalization, President Biden didn’t seem to notice that SpaceX was holding its Inspiration4 mission, which saw four civilians walk Earth for three days for the first time in history circled. Each of the civilians was an American citizen. This is something to be proud of as a nation, and previous presidents have congratulated Elon Musk and SpaceX on other accomplishments. However, President Biden remained silent.

I think he also has flaws, like every single person on this planet. Just as Elon has his flaws, you have yours and I mean our president too, and here we come together to hold him accountable. I’m not talking about his personal attitude towards Elon Musk, but as a nation’s president one would think that the leader would be proud of his country’s latest great historical achievement.

His administration’s general attitude towards Elon Musk is bleeding on goals the government on clean energy, electric vehicles and preventing climate change. The Biden government has a huge opportunity to work with Tesla and Elon Musk as allies for their goals in this regard. And it would win a lot of fans if it did! This is a real win-win opportunity.

Instead, she has preferred the UAW and political dealings to achieving her own goals. With Elon Musk recently joking « He’s asleep » in response to a person who asked why Biden didn’t congratulate the first 4 « Citizen Astronauts » and SpaceX, Elon Musk was simply highlighting the obvious. The government’s dislike for him as a person makes Biden miss out on some great opportunities and opportunities to celebrate what these American companies have done for our nation and the world.

Tesla has achieved many successes, as has SpaceX. Both are doing great things for our nation and our planet. During Tesla’s Battery Day last year, Elon Musk said:

“The three parts of a sustainable energy future are sustainable energy generation, storage and electric vehicles. So we want to play a significant role in all three. ”

“ To accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, we need to produce more affordable electric vehicles and much more energy storage while building factories faster and with far less investment.

“Goal no. 1 is battery production on a terawatt hour scale. So Tera is the new giga. And a terawatt is a thousand times more than a gigawatt. So we talked about gigawatts earlier; in the future we will speak of terawatt hours. So that’s what it takes to make the world sustainable. ”

President Biden has the opportunity to work with a company that focuses on the same things his government wants our nation to do. He just needs to stop worrying about the UAW, other campaign donors, or misguided advisors, and put our goals first and our political tricks last. It’s best for everyone.

Johnna Crider is from Louisiana, loves lobster, gemstones, minerals, and electric vehicles, and is committed to sustainability. Johnna also hosts, a jewelry maker and shareholder of $ TSLA.

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