CM – The chairman of the NHRC attributes a « new era in Jammu and Kashmir » to Interior Minister Amit Shah


Incidentally, J&K has seen a worrying increase in incidents of violence in the past few days, including a spate of killings among civilians and security forces.

Published: October 13, 2021 7:34 AM |

Last updated: October 13, 2021 7:35 AM

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NEW DELHI: The head of the National Human Rights Commission and former Supreme Court Justice, Justice (AD) Arun Mishra, hailed Union Interior Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday for his « tireless efforts » to promote it of peace in Jammu and Kashmir and the northeastern states. « Through you (the Minister of the Interior) a new era has now begun in Jammu and Kashmir, » said Judge Mishra when speaking on the 28th anniversary of the NHRC.

Incidentally, J&K has seen a worrying increase in incidents of violence in recent days have recorded, including a spate of killings among civilians and security forces. Mishra stated that « it has become the norm to accuse India of human rights abuses at the behest of international forces, » Mishra said, it should be rejected.
“India has the spirit of ‘Sarvadharma Sambhava’ (Harmony of Religions). Everyone has the freedom to build a temple or a mosque or a church. Such freedoms do not exist in many countries, ”he said.

His remarks came against the background of media reports of attacks on human rights defenders and India’s falling rank on the global index for freedom of the press and democracy. The chairman of the NHRC also spoke about political violence and the need to condemn it. Large numbers of people around the world have lost their lives to political violence in the last century, and it is unfortunate that it “has still not stopped,” he said as the apathy on this issue generates ‘fundamentalism and history will never forgive us’, ”he said, adding that“ murderers of innocent people cannot be glorified ”. Calling such … terrorists ‘freedom fighters’ is inappropriate, « he said.

The retired judge said India had a democratic system in which the media and cyberspace were released. « But nobody has the freedom to destroy the reputation of the cornerstone of the republic, the judiciary, through contemptuous behavior, and this freedom should also not be granted to anyone, » emphasized the.

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