CM – The Google Argentina domain name was bought for $ 5


The Google Argentina domain name was in the hands of a 30 year old graphic designer from Argentina who bought it for $ 5. Google hasn’t disclosed what happened, but there is speculation that Google simply forgot to renew the domain.

« I never thought I could buy it, » Nicolas Kurona told Google. and everything was done in a normal process. No gaps. Google has since reclaimed the domain, but Kurona was the legal owner of the domain for a short time. « I typed into my browser and it didn’t work, » added Kurona. « I thought something strange happened. »

He then went to the Network Information Center Argentina, provider of .ar country code domains, typed « Google » and found that the domain could be bought from Google Argentina. “I was frozen when I looked at the screen. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. “Kurona soon found millions of Google searches on his new website. However, NIC (Network Information Center) quickly took over and returned the domain to Google. The global tech giant has not yet fully announced the event and, sadly, Kurona’s $ 5 has not yet been returned.

Quiero aclarar que entre a vi el nombre de disponible y lo compre legalmente como correspond!

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