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CM – The United States calls for a return to democracy in Myanmar and an end to violence: The Asahi Shimbun

UNITED NATIONS - The United States Security Council on Friday again called for the restoration of democracy in M.

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Anti-coup protesters walk after watching police and soldiers arrive in Yangon on April 27 to disperse their demonstration. (AP Photo)

UNITED NATIONS – The UN Security Council on Friday again called for the restoration of democracy in Myanmar and the release of all detainees, including Aung San Suu Kyi, and strongly supported the call by Southeast Asian states for an immediate cessation of violence and talks first Step in this direction a solution after the military coup of February 1st.

The press release of the council followed the briefing of the chief UN envoy that the strong, unified demand of the people of Myanmar for democracy, which has protested since the coup « Unexpected difficulties » created for military leaders in consolidating power and risks to the administration of the government has brought the nation to a standstill.

Christine Schraner Burgener said in a comment on the closed council meeting received from The Associated Press, that their discussions in the region raise their concern that the situation in Myanmar deteriorated in all areas, « strengthened ». She pointed to a resurgence of fighting in ethnic areas, job losses by poor people, officials’ refusal to protest the coup, and a brewing crisis among families in and around the capital, Yangon, who “participated in the The members of the Security Council « reiterated their deep concern about the situation in Myanmar following the declaration of a state of emergency by the military on February 1 and reiterated their support for the democratic transition in Myanmar. « 

The Council also reiterated its previous statements, strongly condemning the use of force against peaceful demonstrators and the deaths of hundreds of civilians, and calling for the restoration of democracy and the release of prisoners. The council members also called on the military to « exercise the utmost restraint » and « refrain from violence from all sides » and « the need to fully respect human rights and to continue dialogue and reconciliation ».

Schraner Burgener spoke per Video from Bangkok where she returned after her trip to Jakarta to meet participants in the ministerial meeting of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations called ASEAN on April 24, which includes Myanmar and attended by the junta’s military commander, Senior Gen Min Aung Hlaing.

The UN envoy said it had met the commander in chief on the fringes of ASEAN and agreed to « keep details of the exchange discreet to allow for open and frank discussions, » but she assured them Council that she had « expanded » the declarations 15 members had agreed.

Due to her meeting with General Hlaing, Schraner Burgener informed the R at that she asked again for a visit to Myanmar on Thursday. Her previous requests were denied by the military, who said the time was not right.

« Over the past three years I have built constructive relationships and trust with key stakeholders in Myanmar and this would allow me to go straight to one get substantial exchanges on how the current deadlock could be resolved if I get access to the land, « she said. « My presence could also help ease tension. »

Schraner Burgener said she plans to stay in the region in the coming weeks and will keep in close contact with ASEAN members to ensure « timely and comprehensive. » Support implementation of « their » five-point consensus « on the crisis in Myanmar.

It calls for an immediate end to the violence, a dialogue between all parties concerned, the mediation of the dialogue process through an ASEAN special envoy, the provision of humanitarian measures Help through ASEAN channels and a visit by the Union’s Special Representative to Myanmar to meet all parties concerned.

The Security Council reiterated its « strong support for ASEAN’s positive and constructive role in facilitating a peaceful solution in support of the People of Myanmar « and praised ASEAN’s continued efforts to work with all relevant parties in Myanmar.

The Council members immediately called for the full implementation of the « five-point consensus », encouraged the continuation of the ASEAN leadership and supported an early visit by an as yet unappointed ASEAN envoy to Myanmar.

The Security Council and Schraner Burgener have made it clear, that they see the roles of the Security Council and ASEAN as complementary – the most powerful body in the United States as a critical international actor and the Southeast Asian organization as a critical regional actor.

Schraner Burgener said she had « important talks » with Indonesia’s foreign ministers , Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand, and ASEAN Secretary General Lim Jock Hoi, calling these meetings « evidence of the United Nations’ commitment to support ASEAN and ensuring complementarity. “

British Ambassador-in-Office James Roscoe described ASEAN’s call for an immediate end to the violence as an » unconditional request « agreed by the junta in Myanmar.

He expressed concern that General Hlaing was following The ASEAN meeting will only consider the five points « recommended steps to resolve the crisis after the situation has stabilized ».

The February 1 coup reversed years of slow progress towards democracy in Myanmar that had been under stricter for five decades Had suffered military rule and resulted in international isolation and sanctions. As the generals loosened their grip and Suu Kyi’s rise to leadership in the 2015 elections culminated, the international community lifted most of the sanctions and invested in the country. The coup took place after the November elections, which Suu Kyi’s party won overwhelmingly, and after military competitions.

Since the ASEAN summit, anti-junta demonstrations have continued in many parts of Myanmar, as have arrests and Beatings by security forces, although Hlaing appeared to have agreed to end the violence. Many protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome of the ASEAN meeting, particularly the failure to demand the release of political leaders. Suu Kyi was arrested in the coup and is one of the estimated 3,400 people who are still being held.

Schraner Burgener told the council: « The release of all political prisoners and other detainees as well as full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms are supported by Be of paramount importance. « 

She warned that » ongoing reports of deadly violence, arrests and ill-treatment since then could undermine the momentum of the ASEAN leaders’ meeting « .

Schraner Burgener cited » a revival in fighting in.  » ethnic areas … with reports of ongoing air strikes displacing thousands and killing innocent civilians « .

The US envoy also noted » reported use of improvised explosive devices « and » reports that civilians, primarily Students from urban areas, currently in the regions of the ethnic armed organizations in the U « There is an urgent need for confidence-building measures, » she said, expressing the hope that her visit will take place, « as this could help create space to move the consensus points forward. »

Schraner Burgener said the number of deaths is increasing every day. He cited the latest figures from the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, according to which more than 756 people were killed and 3,450 arrested, tried or convicted.

The United Nations estimates that around 20,000 people have fled their homes and been internally displaced in Myanmar while nearly 10,000 have fled to neighboring countries, the UN envoy said, and the World Food Program says preexisting poverty, COVID-19 and the political crisis are likely to be 3.4 million more people to be starved within the next six months .

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