CM – The wreckage of giant Chinese missiles could crash in New York


Scientists warned that a huge piece of Chinese space debris orbits the earth unpredictably and could rain debris on New York or another metropolitan area in the next few days.

The 21-ton object is the core stage of one of the largest rockets in China , the Long March 5B, which, according to Space News, had launched the first module for the country’s space station.

If the core component separated from the rest of the rocket, the remaining part should take a predetermined path that would drop it into the ocean There are several possible places where debris that survives re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere could collapse – including New York, Madrid and Beijing in the northern hemisphere and southern Chile and Wellington, New Zealand in the southern hemisphere / p> The exact landing is unpredictable due to the current speed – it orbits the earth every 90 minutes, the outlet reported.

However, the most likely outcome will be be that it falls into the ocean or inhabited regions that make up a large portion of the projected range.

Astronomer Jonathan McDowell said large chunks are likely to be wiped out by the intense heat during re-entry into the earth, however smaller pieces could make it to the ground.

« I think by current standards it is unacceptable for it to re-enter in an uncontrolled manner, » McDowell told the point of sale.

« Since 1990, nothing more than 10 Tons left in orbit to re-enter uncontrollably, « he added.

However, the Long March 5B leg is significantly larger than that of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which was reportedly re-entering a field of farmers in the U.S. Washington State led to rubble.

« The core phase of the Long March 5B is seven times as massive as the second phase of the Falcon 9, which attracted a lot of press coverage a few weeks ago, when it reentered via Seattle and dropped a couple of pressurized tanks on Washington State, « McDowell told the point of sale.

Chinese space officials launched the Long March 5B launcher at the Wenchang Space Launch Center in the southern island province of Hainan last week, said the state broadcaster CCTV with.

It carried modules for the country’s first permanent space station, which should be completed around 2022.

The launch last week was the first of eleven missions to build and equip the Station that is expected to weigh 66 tons.

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