CM – Time Traveler claims that this data will change the world, right?


If you grew up watching the Back to the Future movie franchise, you must have been obsessed with the idea of ​​time travel. Now that it was just a movie, we’re also sure that this phase was over pretty quickly.

According to a self-proclaimed « time traveler » on TikTok, certain upcoming dates, and one of them in weeks, will see the world in who we live are changing.

The user took to social media about a week ago to « reveal » the big data. The latest post from the TikTok user urges their 1.2 million followers to remember two important dates for December 2021.

The user claimed that the dates to watch out for are December 20th and December 25th are. Since the Chinese app is banned in India, here is an older video from the same content creator that will give you the gist of it all.

The post says: “20th – December 8th Man receives superpowers from the energy waves of the sun. December 25th (Christmas Day) – On this day, something big will happen that will shock the world and change the way people live forever. « 

In an earlier video, the user claimed that » the big day will be remembered for centuries stays and changes people’s way of life. This will prove 100% that I am a real-time traveler, don’t forget the date. « 

The user added that countries like Sweden, Norway, UK and Finland will be by the year In 2027 “join forces and create a huge powerhouse”.

The Tiktoker says the « massive powerhouse » would inspire smaller countries to join.

« Other countries like this idea and that creates a big spark to bring big nations together, » said ThatOneTimeTraveler. The time traveler also said that a 35,000-year-old bunker will apparently be « discovered » in 2024.

The bunker, supposedly located in Argentina, « hides many secrets such as ancient times, technology, hidden code and more ».


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