CM – TSMC is handing supply chain data to the US government despite concerns


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest chip maker, said it would deliver the data requested by the US government by November 8th. Earlier this month, the company raised concerns about demand, saying TSMC does not have « sensitive information, particularly about our customers ».

Last month, the US Department of Commerce asked major international semiconductor companies to provide supply chain details, including inventory data, to help alleviate the global chip shortage.

« The (information request) is voluntary, but this information is critical to addressing concerns about transparency in the supply chain. Whether or not we have to take mandatory action depends on how many companies are involved and the quality of the data exchanged, « a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce told Reuters.

Despite initial reluctance, TSMC has now agreed to the Provide requested information before the deadline, Taiwanese newspaper China Times reported.

« TSMC has actively supported and worked with all stakeholders to meet the global semiconductor supply challenge, » the company told Reuters.

“With a view to the future, increasing demand transparency in this complex supply chain should be the way to avoid such bottlenecks in the future. We have been a strong partner in this effort and will continue to take action to meet this challenge, ”the statement reads.

The US government previously said that chipmakers such as Intel, Infineon and SK Hynix had agreed to provide information and help resolve the bottlenecks.

TSMC Chairman Mark Liu recently pointed out that hoarding exacerbated the global chip shortage but did not name any companies that could be responsible.

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