CM – WEATHER: Cool morning blankets Ipswich in thick fog


IPSWICH early risers were greeted by strange weather on Tuesday after a thick fog covered the region for the second time in a row.

According to James Thompson of the Bureau of Meteorology, the sight is typical of the cool and humid mornings of this time of year.

« The wintry months – May through July or August – are the most common times to see fog in Ipswich and the greater southeast, » Thompson said.

« And that’s because we still have some moisture in the summer months. The sea temperatures are still relatively warm through autumn and into winter, so we still have this source of moisture. »

He said cool, moist air and light winds could cause fog, with morning being the most likely time for the elements to align.

“You really need this temperature to cool down so that the humidity can reach 100 percent. In our part of the world, that takes most of the night.

After hitting 13 ° C this morning, Ipswich is expected to hit temperatures as high as 27 ° C, with showers – or possible storms – on the radar today Afternoon.

« Tonight we expect showers, maybe one or the other storm, and that will last until the early hours of the morning, » he said.

« Often times, you need a clear sky to cool things down so it may not be cool enough for fog. »


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