CM – Whiny Baby Matt Canavan is upset that the Wiggles « woke up »


« It was nice while it lasted. But you’ll wake up, you’ll go broke, » said the grown man and Liberal MP.

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Matt Canavan, the coal-loving Queensland Senator, has obviously not had a busy schedule Taken time to beat up The Wiggles – yes, The Wiggles – for « waking up » too much.

Canavan’s comments came after news that The Wiggles were adding four new members from diverse cultural backgrounds to their line-up would. There’s Tsehay Hawkins, who is from Ethiopia; Evie Ferris, an Aboriginal woman; Kelly Hamilton, of Asian American descent; and John Pearce, a former member of the Justice Crew dance collective who is Filipino.

The offer for a more inclusive line-up was the brainchild of founding member Anthony Field. « I’ve been thinking about this for the last few years and there is no better time than now, » Field told the media. « Morally we have to do that.

 » I looked around the world and thought: ‘We have to reflect our audience’. Our audience is not just a culture, we want children to see a mirror of themselves. I hope that people, including mothers and fathers, feel included. ”

Of course, the move is an important one. For the youth, representation is important, a self-image of the children in the content they consume, and opens up new imaginative possibilities.

But try to tell Canavan. In an interview with The Australian, the Senator said the move would destroy the popular children’s group. “The Wiggles can do what they want. It was nice as long as it lasted. But you wake up, you go broke, ”he said.

To be honest, Canavan has to learn a lesson that the example of the Wiggles gave. While the Senator is busy instigating a tired and stale culture war against a literal group of kid animators, the group is working for the good and shooting a special video for a 22-year-old COVID patient with Down syndrome who doesn’t wants to carry an oxygen fork. After the young patient Sarah Kelly saw the video, she immediately allowed the nurses to insert the prong, which saved her life.

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