CNN supprime la place de présentatrice en solo de Laura Coates pour économiser, et certains employés noirs s’inquiètent du manque de représentation à l’écran.


Laura Coates, a star anchor at CNN, has lost her temporary anchor role at the network, leading to concerns among some staffers about representation. Coates had filled in for Don Lemon and had anchored the 9 p.m. hour for months after Chris Cuomo exited the network. However, she was told that the network couldn’t staff a separate hour and that Alisyn Camerota, who anchors at 10 p.m., would be extended for a second hour. Coates will continue with the network as a senior legal analyst, but she’s « disappointed » and « stunned » that she was not given more opportunity to try out for her own hour. CNN is concentrating its efforts on setting plans for the 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. hours, but added that Coates is still on rotation for other opportunities.

CNN colleagues are also raising eyebrows about the news that Kaitlan Collins, who was promoted from White House correspondent to co-anchor of the network’s morning show in November, appears to be in consideration for a primetime slot. One CNN insider said, « The concern is that it’s all white people who don’t have experience anchoring while surrounding them with [contributors who are] African American and people of color is a sleight of hand. » For now, it seems staffers are not taking the issue up through official channels. CNN, for its part, is hoping to land two huge Black voices to co-anchor a primetime show. The network has been talking to CBS’ Gayle King and TNT sports commentator Charles Barkley.

The National Association of Black Journalists’ president, Dorothy Tucker, told Insider the organization was not aware of the complaints, but added in a written statement, « However, now that they’ve been brought to our attention, we will reach out to some of our members and see what we learn. » The lack of representation of people of color in anchor roles at CNN is a concern for many, and the network needs to address this issue to ensure that it is not seen as sidelining people of color.

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