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Alex Caceres: Fighting Racism and Body Dysmorphia in MMA

Alex Caceres, a professional mixed martial artist, has had to overcome many obstacles in his life, including racism and body dysmorphia. Growing up in a Caribbean-Latino family in Kendall, Florida, Caceres faced discrimination from both the white and Latino communities. He was often teased for his physical appearance, which led to him developing body dysmorphic disorder.

Caceres’ father’s imprisonment for selling drugs forced the family to move to a more affluent neighbourhood, where he struggled to fit in and adapt to the new environment. He turned to fighting as a way to defend himself against bullies and to prove his worth. However, he was suspended from high school after trying to apprehend a thief, which led him to pursue a career in MMA.

From Backyard Brawls to the UFC

Caceres’ journey to the UFC was unconventional, starting with backyard brawls where he fought for a $600 prize. He was eventually encouraged to pursue a professional career in MMA, which led him to appear on season 12 of reality TV series The Ultimate Fighter. He has since fought 27 times in the UFC and has won six of his last seven fights.

Despite his success, Caceres remains humble and continues to train hard to improve his skills. He believes that his body has matured, and he no longer feels outclassed by his opponents. Caceres’ story is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity.


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