Les Giants ont attaqué Brock Purdy toute la nuit, et il leur a fait payer.


San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy leads 49ers to victory with exceptional performance against Giants

In a thrilling game on Thursday night, San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy showcased his exceptional skills by repeatedly shredding the Giants’ blitz. According to Next Gen Stats, Purdy faced a blitz rate of 84.6 percent, the highest recorded in any game. However, this did not deter Purdy, as he completed 20 of 31 passes for 247 yards and two touchdowns, without throwing any interceptions.

Purdy’s ability to capitalize on the Giants’ blitz was crucial in the 49ers’ 30-12 victory. Speaking after the game, Purdy acknowledged the effectiveness of their offensive strategy against the blitz. He stated, « When they’re blitzing, we can capitalize on offense with some big plays, and we had some stuff dialed up for what we were going to do when they did blitz. » Despite his impressive performance, Purdy remained humble, admitting that there were still some missed opportunities.

Unprecedented blitz rate sets a new record in NFL history

The Giants’ decision to blitz Purdy on 84.6 percent of his dropbacks was a bold strategy, but it ultimately backfired. This blitz rate is the highest ever recorded by Next Gen Stats, highlighting the Giants’ aggressive approach to disrupt Purdy’s rhythm. However, Purdy’s composure and ability to read the defense allowed him to exploit the gaps left by the blitz, resulting in significant gains for the 49ers.

The Giants’ decision to employ such an aggressive blitzing strategy may have been influenced by their desire to disrupt Purdy’s passing game. However, it proved to be ineffective as Purdy’s accuracy and decision-making were on full display. This game serves as a reminder that even the most daring defensive tactics can be neutralized by a skilled quarterback like Purdy.

Implications for the 49ers and future opponents

San Francisco’s victory over the Giants not only solidifies their position as a formidable team but also sends a message to future opponents. Purdy’s ability to thrive under pressure and exploit defensive weaknesses will undoubtedly be a concern for opposing teams. The 49ers’ offensive strategy, tailored to capitalize on blitzing defenses, will likely be studied and analyzed by future opponents.

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how teams adjust their defensive strategies when facing the 49ers. Will they continue to blitz Purdy at such a high rate, risking the potential for big plays against their defense? Or will they opt for a more conservative approach, prioritizing coverage over pressure? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Brock Purdy’s exceptional performance against the Giants has put the league on notice.

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