Dans Jayson Tatum, Mike Krzyzewski voit la maturation d’un jeune talent qu’il a aidé à développer – The Boston Globe


Jayson Tatum, the Boston Celtics’ small forward, has been making waves in the NBA playoffs with his impressive performances. In a recent game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Tatum went from having one of the worst offensive nights of his career to one of the best, scoring four vital 3-pointers in the fourth quarter and leading the Celtics to a come-from-behind victory. This display of mental toughness and physical skill is a testament to Tatum’s growth and maturation as a player, according to his former college coach, Mike Krzyzewski.

Krzyzewski, who coached Tatum at Duke University, has been following the Celtics’ playoff run closely and is impressed by Tatum’s competitive maturity. He notes that Tatum’s willingness to self-analyze and make corrections during a poor performance is a sign of a great player. Krzyzewski also praises Tatum’s discipline in nutrition and training, which has helped him maintain a high level of physical fitness.

Tatum’s 51-point outburst in Game 7 of the playoffs helped propel the Celtics to the Eastern Conference finals for the third time in four years. Krzyzewski believes that Tatum has the potential to win an NBA championship and become one of the game’s greatest players. He describes Tatum as coachable and open to learning, which bodes well for his future success.

As Tatum continues to shine in the playoffs, fans and analysts alike are taking notice of his talent and potential. With his mental toughness, physical skill, and dedication to improvement, Tatum is poised to become one of the NBA’s brightest stars.

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