Actualités de Jackson Hole : Jerome Powell de la Fed adopte un ton offensif dans son discours.


Fed Chair Jerome Powell Takes Hawkish Tone at Jackson Hole Symposium

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell delivered a speech at the Jackson Hole symposium, where he expressed concerns about inflation levels. While inflation has decreased in recent months, Powell stated that it is still too high and not at an acceptable level. He emphasized the central bank’s commitment to bringing inflation down to the target rate of 2%. Powell mentioned the possibility of a softening in labor market conditions, which could lead to job losses or a decline in job openings. He also discussed the need for a period of below-trend economic growth to stabilize price growth.

Challenges Faced by the Federal Reserve in Achieving a Soft Landing

Powell highlighted the challenges faced by the Federal Reserve in achieving a soft landing for the U.S. economy. The central bank aims to strike a balance between restrictive monetary policy to bring down inflation and avoiding a recession. Powell acknowledged the difficulty of determining the appropriate level of monetary policy restraint and the uncertainty surrounding the neutral rate of interest. He also mentioned pandemic-related mismatches between supply and demand, such as a decline in job openings without an increase in unemployment. Powell emphasized the need for agile policymaking to navigate these changing dynamics.

The Debate Over Neutral Interest Rates and Monetary Policy

The Jackson Hole symposium sparked a debate over the neutral rate of interest, which economists refer to as R-star or r*. Powell addressed this topic in his speech, stating that the current stance of policy is restrictive and puts downward pressure on economic activity, hiring, and inflation. However, he acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the precise level of monetary policy restraint and the difficulty of measuring the neutral rate in real time. Powell emphasized the Fed’s commitment to bringing inflation down to the 2% target and indicated that restrictive monetary policy will play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Keywords: Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, Jackson Hole, inflation, labor market conditions, economic growth, monetary policy, neutral interest rates, pandemic, agile policymaking, central bank.

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