Lando Norris réagit après avoir été photographié avec la petite amie de l’as de Chelsea, Joao Felix.


Lando Norris denies hiding anything after being spotted with Portuguese actress

Lando Norris, the McLaren F1 driver, has denied hiding anything after being photographed with Portuguese actress Magui Corceiro. The 20-year-old actress was previously in a relationship with Chelsea loanee Joao Felix. Norris, who split from another Portuguese fashion model last year, has faced increased criticism on social media. However, he has stated that he has nothing to hide and that he is allowed to do whatever he wants. Norris also added that he finds it hilarious that so many presumptions are made just because he is seen with someone.

Friendship under scrutiny

Norris has expressed his frustration at the increased scrutiny of his personal life. He has stated that he cannot have friends without being accused of being in a relationship with them. Felix and Corceiro are believed to have started their relationship in 2019 when he was 20 and she was 17. Felix’s future is uncertain as he may not return to Atletico Madrid in June when his loan stint ends. Norris has made it clear that he is not trying to hide anything and that he can hide it well if he wanted to.

Living life in the public eye

Norris has acknowledged that living life in the public eye can be challenging. However, he has stated that he does not want to stay in his house all day and sit behind a computer. He wants to live his life and enjoy his time with friends. Norris has made it clear that he is not in a relationship with Corceiro and that they are just friends. He has also stated that he is not trying to hide anything and that he has nothing to hide.

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