Le fond du gouffre pour le Mexique ? C’est ce qu’ils ont ressenti après leur grande défaite face aux États-Unis.


Mexican soccer team El Tri suffered a significant low point in their modern era with a 3-0 loss against the United States in the Concacaf Nations League. The team’s manager, Diego Cocca, was criticized for his ineffective tactics and timidness in his tactical approach. The players also failed to perform, with starters such as Jesus Gallardo, Israel Reyes, and Jorge Sanchez disorganized and clumsy in their attempts to halt oncoming players. The loss was a stark reminder that Mexico has continued to lose ground to their rivals and that there is much to improve in Mexican soccer.

The deeper issues that have impacted Mexican men’s soccer include the lack of stability and long-term planning in the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) and Liga MX. The FMF has gone through a number of staffing adjustments over the past 11 months, and the lack of transfers abroad from Liga MX keeps countless Mexican players from moving abroad. The league’s short-season format, clubs sharing ownership, and expanded playoff format are also holding back the Mexican game. The fan anger that is frequently and inappropriately channeled through the offensive and derogatory anti-gay chant at matches is unacceptable and disgusting.

Mexico’s redemption arc can begin at next month’s Gold Cup, where they will have no excuses for not lifting the title. However, before they can prepare for the Gold Cup, they will still have to compete for a consolation prize through Sunday’s third-place Nations League match against Panama. The loss against the United States was a wake-up call for Mexican soccer, and there is much to be corrected in the sport.

Keywords: Mexican soccer, El Tri, Concacaf Nations League, Diego Cocca, Mexican Football Federation, Liga MX, Gold Cup, anti-gay chant.

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