Molly Shannon rejoint les Jonas Brothers pour reprendre le personnage de Sally O’Malley dans « SNL ».


Molly Shannon Returns to « Saturday Night Live » as Host

Molly Shannon, a former cast member of « Saturday Night Live, » returned to Studio 8H to host the show for the second time. Shannon spent six seasons on the show and received an Emmy nomination for her outstanding performance. She is best known for playing Mary Katherine Gallagher, a Catholic school girl with bizarre habits, and Sally O’Malley, a brash 50-year-old dancer with a trademark red outfit and frizzy 1970s hairdo.

During the latest episode, Sally O’Malley made a return to the « SNL » stage as the newly hired dance choreographer for the Jonas Brothers, who are about to embark on a Vegas residency. The character was first introduced to the show in 1999 with a sketch where she auditioned for The Rockettes. Over 20 years have passed, though Sally’s age has remained the same, which Shannon addresses by telling Bowen Yang, « Honey, I’ve been 50 since before you were born. »

Democratic Legislators Ousted from Tennessee State House of Representatives

After Shannon bid goodnight to the audience, « SNL » featured players Devon Walker and James Austin Johnson held up a black T-shirt with the names « Jones » and « Pearson » written in blocky white letters. The gesture was a salute to Democratic legislators Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, who were ousted from the Tennessee state House of Representatives on Friday by the Republican majority. Jones and Pearson’s expulsion was a punitive measure against the lawmakers after they took part in a gun control protest on the floor of the statehouse last week.

Shannon’s return to « Saturday Night Live » was a nostalgic throwback for fans of the show. Her iconic characters, Mary Katherine Gallagher and Sally O’Malley, made a comeback, bringing back memories of the show’s earlier seasons. However, the show also took a political turn, with a gesture of support for Democratic legislators who were ousted from their positions. Overall, the episode was a mix of nostalgia and current events, showcasing the versatility of « Saturday Night Live. »

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