Nicola Sturgeon virus update as restrictions tightened across Scotland


The First Minister is updating the nation on the latest figures from St Andrew’s House in Edinburgh.

The First Minister also warned further restrictions might be imposed on Lanarkshire after « particular concern » at the spread of the virus there.

Yesterday, the Scottish Government set a new cap on meetings indoors and outside. Only six people from up to two households can meet from Monday indoors or outdoors amid rising coronavirus cases across the country. Restrictions are already tougher in Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Changes planned for next week to give Scots more freedoms have now been put back until at least October 5.

It means theatres, music venues, indoor soft play areas and indoor contact sports will not open as planned on Monday.

It comes as more than 600,000 people have downloaded the new Protect Scotland app which aims to help NHS Scotland and Scottish Government stop the spread of the deadly virus.

Nicola Sturgeon says we’re getting into a tough time. The virus was trapped in lockdown, and now it’s out again. The sacrifices on freedom have saved lives, she says.

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Nicola Sturgeon says it’s tempting to give people hope, but it’s just not possible to say anything about what life will be like by Christmas.

The limit is two households. But the limit on six people can be broken if some of them are children under 12 years old.

Then there’s schools. Nicola Sturgeon says the ban outside school means the virus can hopefully stay low enough to keep children in school.

BBC Scotland is stopping regular broadcasting of the full briefings on TV. A petition has been launched to force a U-turn.

Nicola Sturgeon says it’s not for politicians to tell broadcasters what to do, but adds they’ve been helpful to explain public health messages in a crisis.

Concerns have been raised about access for older people, or those not able to easily access the internet.

Nicola Sturgeon is talking to the UK Government about pilot for mass testing. Scotland is ‘hooked in’ even though it’s being discussed in England.

But the science is ‘not quite there yet’. The FM says it’s not possible at the moment to have a test in the morning and work out if it’s safe to go to work.

Really right now the most important thing I can do is to make sure the tests we do have are being used to best effect.

Nicola Sturgeon asked if she agrees with Jason Leitch that tests are ‘a bit rubbish’ at the moment, as was reported in the media.

Springing to his defence, the FM says he was just trying to set out the limitations.

Nicola Sturgeon says test and protect, and the limited restrictions, are vital to control the virus.

The alternative is a virus running out of control and we’ll all be back in lockdown.

Nicola Sturgeon says the government is looking at special exemptions for children who might be gathering for a birthday, as long as adults stick to the rules.

There will be expert public health discussions over the course of the day, and depending on the judgements and conclusions they arrive at, it may be that some additional restrictions will have to be applied there. We will, however, keep people updated.

It is likely the area will be further restricted. No details until further expert scrutiny this afternoon, but could to go the same way as Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

You can see the live feed of Nicola Sturgeon’s briefing on the Scottish Government twitter account here:

Big family Christmas celebrations could be in jeopardy if Covid cases continue to rise during a “very challenging period” in the months ahead.

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister was unable to say how long the new ban on gatherings between more than two households.

Scotland’s Education Secretary John Swinney has said that all exams are expected to go ahead next year after they were cancelled during the pandemic.

The politician told the National Parents Forum of Scotland that the SQA was planning to run a ‘full diet’ in 2021.

He said a lengthy consultation had taken place to determine when to start the examinations and how to reduce the burden of assessments.

READ MORE: Scots pupils to sit exams in 2021 as normal after SQA cancellation shambles caused chaos

The First Minister will be announcing the latest number of cases across Scotland from St Andrew’s House in Edinburgh.

The First Minister put the brakes on our routemap out of lockdown as cases across the country continue to rise.

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