L’interview de Phillip Schofield avec John Leslie refait surface et est qualifiée d’« ironique » par les téléspectateurs.


Phillip Schofield’s Resurfaced Interview with John Leslie

A resurfaced interview of Phillip Schofield with Edinburgh-born John Leslie has gone viral on TikTok, leaving viewers branding it as ‘ironic’. The clip shows Schofield telling Leslie, « I am here because of your misfortune ». Leslie, who fronted the ITV daytime series with Fern Britton, was axed in 2002 following a host of allegations that were later found to be false and untrue. The uncovered footage, broadcast live just under four years ago, shows Phillip Schofield and co-host Holly Willoughby interview Leslie – his first appearance in 16 years.

John Leslie’s Response and Social Media Reactions

John Leslie did not hold back in his response and was very open, saying, « I can’t believe I’m back here to be honest, it’s been an emotional day knowing that I was coming on the show and thanks for inviting me on. » Due to the current circumstances under Phillip Schofield leaving the very popular, daytime TV show, people have been quick to comment on social media. In the comments, there were many people calling on John Leslie’s return, with one person saying, « What a lovely guy is John Leslie.. shame what happened to him. »

Many viewers found the resurfaced interview ironic, with one person commenting, « Wouldn’t that be ironic if John came back and said to Philip, I’m back because of you. » Another person said, « Bring back John Leslie & interview Phillip Schofield & get him to say I’m here now because of your misfortune! » The resurfaced interview has sparked a conversation about the unfair treatment of John Leslie and the impact it had on his career.

The Edinburgh Restaurant Run by an Actor

In other news, an Edinburgh restaurant run by an actor has been named the best place in the city to get Greek delicacy. The restaurant, called Mezze, is owned by actor-turned-restaurateur, Sam Douglas. The restaurant offers a range of Greek dishes, including souvlaki, moussaka, and spanakopita. Mezze has received rave reviews from customers, with many praising the quality of the food and the friendly service.

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