L’ancienne de RHOBH, Lisa Rinna, déclare que des menaces de mort et une vision de sa mère décédée l’ont poussée à quitter l’émission Bravo.


Lisa Rinna Reveals Death Threats as One Reason for Leaving RHOBH

Lisa Rinna, who announced her exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in January after eight seasons, has revealed that receiving death threats from some viewers was one of the reasons for her decision. Rinna stated that the world has become so volatile that the response doesn’t match what they’re doing, and she didn’t want to live like that. She added that the way the fan base reacts to the show now is not how it was when she first started, and they were getting death threats. Rinna said that some of the most horrible things she has ever seen in print in her life were about a reality show, and she thought it was time to go.

Rinna’s Vision of Her Mother Helped Her Make the Final Decision

Lisa Rinna’s departure from RHOBH came a year after her mother Lois had died. In the same interview, Rinna revealed that she had a vision of her mother that helped her make her final decision. Rinna said that she was sleeping when she heard her mother say to her, « It’s time for you to go. » She told a psychic about it, and the psychic said that her mother had come to her and told her the same thing. Rinna added that she’s guided by her mother, for sure.

Rinna Grateful for Her Time on RHOBH

In her statement announcing her departure from RHOBH, Rinna expressed her gratitude to everyone at Bravo and all those involved in the series. She said that it had been a fun eight-year run, and she was excited about what was to come. Rinna’s exit from the show has left many fans wondering who will replace her and what the future holds for the popular reality series.

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