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Roy Keane’s Comedic Timing Strikes Again During Liverpool vs Arsenal Buildup

Roy Keane, the former Manchester United captain turned pundit, is known for his hilarious comments and impeccable comedic timing. During Sky Sports’ buildup to the Liverpool vs Arsenal match, Keane couldn’t resist making a comment about Jamie Carragher’s questionable defending during a 2004 match between the two sides.

Looking Back at Liverpool vs Arsenal 2004

As part of their coverage, the Sky Sports team looked back at a 2004 match between Liverpool and Arsenal, which ended in a 4-2 win for the Gunners. One of Arsenal’s goals came from Thierry Henry, who turned Jamie Carragher inside-out in the buildup to the strike. Carragher tried to defend himself by saying it was against the greatest player to ever play in the Premier League, but Keane wasn’t having it.

Roy Keane’s Hilarious Comment

When Carragher tried to defend his questionable defending, Keane couldn’t resist making a comment. He asked Carragher if he had just come back from injury and then called his defending « shocking. » Keane had initially planned to say nothing during the buildup, but Micah Richards’ comment about Carragher’s defending prompted him to speak up.

In conclusion, Roy Keane’s comedic timing struck again during Sky Sports’ buildup to the Liverpool vs Arsenal match. His hilarious comment about Jamie Carragher’s defending during a 2004 match between the two sides had everyone laughing. Keane’s ability to make people laugh is unmatched, and it’s one of the reasons why he’s such a popular pundit.

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