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Sue Bird partage ses conseils de retraite avec sa fiancée Megan Rapinoe.

Bird knows all about retiring as a legendary Seattle athlete, and how it doesn't always go according to plan

Megan Rapinoe’s Farewell Tour Continues with OL Reign

Megan Rapinoe, the iconic U.S. women’s national team player, has already bid farewell to the national team, but now it’s OL Reign’s turn to honor her. The team has opened up additional seating at their home stadium, Lumen Field in Seattle, in anticipation of setting a new NWSL record attendance for a standalone match. Pre- and post-game ceremonies will celebrate Rapinoe’s history with the club, and the city of Seattle is getting involved with special tributes. Rapinoe’s fiancée, Sue Bird, who recently retired from the WNBA’s Seattle Storm, will be by her side during this important moment.

Supporting Rapinoe Through the Transition

In an interview with The Athletic, Sue Bird discussed the final weeks of Rapinoe’s career and how she’s balancing being supportive while offering advice. Bird emphasized the importance of allowing Rapinoe to have her own experience while also providing guidance when needed. She praised Rapinoe’s ability to be fully present in the moment, which has been a defining characteristic of her career. Bird also shared her admiration for Rapinoe’s unwavering confidence and determination, particularly during challenging times.

Looking Ahead to Life After Soccer

As Rapinoe’s soccer career comes to a close, both she and Bird are excited for the next phase of their lives. They plan to focus on their production company, A Touch More, and have already hired a new head of development. Rapinoe has expressed a desire to stay involved in the growth of women’s sports. Once the NWSL season wraps up, the couple hopes to attend their friend’s wedding and take a vacation to enjoy some warm weather. They are looking forward to being in the same phase of life and continuing to call Seattle home while also embracing their new New York City apartment.

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