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Le sacrifice énorme que Red Bull devrait faire pour signer Lewis Hamilton aux côtés de Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen together at Red Bull? What would the team have to do to make that happen?

Red Bull’s Sacrifice to Sign Lewis Hamilton alongside Max Verstappen

Christian Horner, the team boss of Red Bull, has jokingly revealed the massive sacrifice the team would have to make in order to sign Lewis Hamilton alongside Max Verstappen. Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes is up for renewal, and there has been speculation about his future in Formula 1. When asked about the possibility of Hamilton racing for Red Bull, Horner responded that it is something they have considered in the past, but the cost of paying for both drivers’ contracts would be astronomical. Horner joked that they would have to sell the factory to afford it. Despite the lighthearted response, Red Bull is one of the few teams that could potentially afford Hamilton and Verstappen as a driver pairing, thanks to their lucrative sponsorship deals.

Can Red Bull Afford Hamilton and Verstappen?

Red Bull’s deal with title sponsor Oracle is worth around $100 million annually, which covers a significant portion of the F1 budget cap. Hamilton’s rumored pay for 2023 is $35 million, while Verstappen earns $55 million. If Hamilton were to join Red Bull, his pay would likely decrease to stay with a competitive team, meaning Red Bull could potentially pay around $80-90 million for both drivers. However, it remains to be seen whether Oracle would be happy with their sponsorship funds going towards such a high-profile driver pairing.

The Future of Lewis Hamilton

While the idea of Hamilton racing for Red Bull may seem unlikely, especially given his loyalty to Mercedes, his contract situation has sparked speculation about his future. Hamilton has repeatedly stated that he is with Mercedes « for life, » but until a new contract is signed, there will always be uncertainty. As one of the most successful drivers in F1 history, Hamilton’s decision will have a significant impact on the sport. Fans and teams alike eagerly await an announcement regarding his future plans.

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