Weltnachrichten – AU – « As soon as he stopped, basketball was dead to me »: Ricciardo on his non-running hero


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Daniel Ricciardo is arguably the most lovable and popular driver on the grid. The Australian driver tickles the funny bones of his colleagues, fans and even the strict engineers. In an individual sport with predatory competition, his positive attitude towards life is refreshing. The inspiring driver also counts on some idols that have motivated him in his life.

The Australian driver adored the great Michael Jordan. And how could you not? He’s arguably two of the best players to play basketball. In addition to being the most famous athlete of the 90s, he was also one of the most famous celebrities. His infamous competition led the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA championships. Daniel started exercising as a toddler because of him. And strangely enough, he quit the sport because of him too. Speaking of his admiration for MJ, he said –

“As a kid, I had Michael Jordan before I had racing pictures in my bedroom. It was funny; it was him or nothing. When he played, I would play basketball in the back yard, and as soon as he stopped, basketball was dead to me. It was crazy how much he attracted me to it. ”

The native Perth-American was attracted to racing from a young age. NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt inspired him to drive the number 3 of his Formula 1 car. When asked about his racing heroes, he said: “Ayrton Senna and Dale Earnhardt are the two who stand out. And also Valentino Rossi; I’m greedy, but these three! « 

Motorsport stuntman Travis Pastrana is also one of his idols. The crazy nature of the daredevil likely appealed to the Renault driver: « He’s still kind of a racing driver, but I loved Travis Pastrana when he was growing up. I loved what it stands for; He is crazy. ”

So the « honey badger » has revealed everything. His fans now know what inspired him during his childhood. Breathtaking overtaking maneuvers and a charismatic personality earned the former Red Bull driver a few « stans » himself. Who knows, maybe we will mention Daniel as an idol for the future Formula 1

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World news – AU – « As soon as it stopped, basketball was dead for me »: Ricciardo on his non-running hero
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“ As soon as it stopped, basketball was dead to me ”: Daniel Ricciardo on his non-racing hero

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