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A lawyer in a legal dispute over his « offensive » ???? Lamborghini records struck « political correctness ». and claims to stand up for « Australian fighters ».

Aussies are an outraged bunch for sure, but maybe we’re going too far and need to calm down a little.

Renowned Sydney attorney Peter Lavac is leaving the Downing Center in Sydney. Image: NCA NewsWire / Christian Gilles Source: News Corp Australia

A colorful Sydney attorney and self-described « playboy » has claimed his legal battle with the authorities over a series of suggestive license plates was related to advocating for « Australian fighters ». .

Peter Lavac says he was the victim of an « abuse of power » after being run over last week and his « LGOPNR » records confiscated by NSW police.

Mr Lavac, a criminal defense attorney and former Hong Kong prosecutor, threatened to sue NSW police after he was pulled over his bright yellow Lamborghini on Pittwater Road in Manly last Thursday after checks found his Registration had been canceled.

« It’s about freedom of speech and expression and it’s a backlash against censorship, » Lavac said Monday in the District Court of the Downing Center in Sydney.

« Honestly, this isn’t about stupid little license plates, it’s not about a high performance racing car, it’s not even about me.

« It is about every little Australian fighter who has been ripped off by bullies and government bureaucrats, and the entire silent majority is fed up with the political correctness of what to do. « . ”

Sydney attorney Peter Lavac is leaving the Downing Center in Sydney where he is taking Transport for NSW to court over the revocation of its « LGOPNR ». Mark. Image: NCA NewsWire / Christian Gilles Source: News Corp Australia

Mr Lavac, 74, has been involved in a legal battle with the authorities for three months. He said it was « an ironic, funny, humorous, tribute to my reputation as a playboy ».

He scored a legal victory in early September when he successfully challenged Transport for NSW when he was told he had to return the signs because they « might be considered offensive ». .

He won this fight on legal grounds after the court agreed that the laws cited by Transport for NSW in their letter requesting the return of the signs were out of date.

He was stopped by NSW police last week. During this time, his license was reviewed and he was subjected to alcohol and drug tests before the officers confiscated the plates.

Lawyer Peter Lavac with his Lamborghini and his Rego records « LGOPNR ». Image: Sam Ruttyn Source: News Corp Australia

Attorney Peter Lavac has taken the authorities to court after they confiscated his Rego signs « LGOPNR ». Image: Sam Ruttyn Source: News Corp Australia

Mr Lavac said he was « pissed off » because he believed he was deliberately attacked by the police.

He said the police would not allow him to drive the last 200 meters home. Instead, they removed the license plates and he was forced to drag the car into his garage, where it has been standing ever since.

He has appealed the decision to cancel the license plates to the district court and appeared before Magistrate Greg Elks on Monday.

His lawyer Jim Conomos quoted the 19th century English politician and writer Lord Acton. Century when he told the court that « absolute power absolutely corrupts ». .

« I don’t find this case humorous, maybe I’m getting old in this regard, » Conomos told the court.

Transport for NSW attorney Taylor McAnderson told the court that under their terms and conditions, the government owned the signs and that they had « absolute discretion » to recall them at any time if they were found to be « inappropriate or offensive ». .

The matter will come back to court next week when Mr Elks makes his decision.

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World news – AU – Barrister strikes back in court for Rego number plate with X rating

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