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Christopher « GeT_RiGtT » Alesund, a legendary CS: GO player who was an integral part of the unrivaled ninjas in Pajamas 87-0 LAN The winning streak recently sparked a switch to Valorant in a tweet. Delete at 1 p. m. EST on his Twitter account, the trailer runs for almost a minute. The animated trailer starts with a title that shows « GeT_RiGhT » and then the camera moves into what is known as a PC battle station. In front of the camera is an ultra-wide monitor on a massive desk, which slowly lights up when the lights are switched on.

After the camera has moved past the desk, Journeys « Don’t Stop Believin » begins to play. When you get near the radio that is playing the music, you will see a mat with balls in front of the radio. Before you swivel to the desk, an arcade cabinet lights up in the back of the room. It reads « Valorant » as the title, a pretty clear indicator of where « GeT_RiGhT » is going next.

Then the camera shows the desk. Next to the balls on a mat is a magazine with the comedic name « GameMag », on the cover of which it says « Is GeT_RiGhT ready? ». This is clearly indicative of Alesund’s age and speculation that he may be too old to compete at 30.

There is a phone with multiple notifications on the left side of the mat. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell what exactly the phone is reading. However, a phone with notifications seems to be a clear indication that someone is trying to contact Alesund, possibly to sign them with a Valorant team. In addition to these items there are a few little things on the desk, on the right a teddy bear, on the left it looks like food that has been delivered. Shrewd watchers may be able to derive meaning from all of these things, but it could also be just attraction.

The most important aspect of this trailer is the move from GeT_RiGhT to Valorant. Alesund signed a new Dignitas roster with some of his former teammates in January 2020. But after this trailer was benched a few months ago, it seems like a much bigger move for Alesund. In the past few months, Valorant has taken the esports scene by storm, hosting multiple tournaments that garnered massive audiences. CS: GO players switching to Valorant are also an ongoing trend, and a legendary player like GeT_RiGhT switching to the new game on the block will only make Valorant even more competitive.

In general, the response has been positive, but it is clear that many CS: GO lovers are sad to see one of their favorite players leave.

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World News – AU – « GeT_RiGhT »
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