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Hundreds of bikes and even more police officers are expected to attend the funeral of the murdered rebel chief Nick Martin, as fears of a Bikie War persist.

Senior Rebels Bikie Nick Martin was gunned down in a public shooting. Police now fear that this will spark an all-out Bikie war.

Hundreds of bikes and even more police officers are expected to attend the funeral of the murdered rebel chief Nick Martin. Source: News Corp Australia

Hundreds of bikes are expected to take part in the despatch of the murdered rebel chief Nick Martin. WA police say the number of police officers will be higher, although members of other gangs are expected.

Nick Martin was featured at an event held at the Perth Motorplex in Kwinana on Dec.. Killed December 12 by a single shot fired by a suspected sniper in front of horrified families, including children.

The bullet also wounded former bandido Ricky Chapman, partner of Martin’s stepdaughter Stacey Schoppe, and a five-year-old boy.

Martin’s funeral will take place at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park on Wednesday with the forecast heat of 39 ° C and will reportedly be broadcast live for those unable to attend.

The procession begins after 10 p.m. WST in North Perth. The bikes are brought to the coast and on to the cemetery in the bushland. Scarborough Beach Road is a police notice that drivers should avoid.

Amid fears the assassination could spark an all-out Bikie War, WA Police State Crime Unit deputy commissioner Brad Royce said that everything was being done to keep the public safe.

« So tomorrow there will be a significant number of mourners and police officers on these streets between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and while I suggest people be very safe, there will be police everywhere, » said Deputy Commissioner Royce told reporters Tuesday.

Nick Martin with his wife Amanda, who thought he had a heart attack when he fell to the ground. Source: Facebook

« Here too, the WA police will administer and support each other in this area. If people don’t interfere, the police will be more numerous than anyone else in the region, « he said.

« There will be no restriction or restriction on services in any other part of the state – we have significant numbers of officials on duty … by the hundreds just for that matter. ”

He said the streets would not be closed and the police would determine if green lights were needed at intersections as needed.

« The green light is not for the mourners – it is for the police to make sure that we continue to keep the roads safe and that we have sufficient numbers where we need them. « .

« I can guarantee that there will be a significant number of officers and that we will do the best we can to ensure that everyone is safe.

« This is not about the outlawed motorcycle gang, but about protecting the community. ”

« The message has been clarified … there will be no tolerance for violations of the Road Traffic Act, there will be tolerances for violations of the law. We’ll move on with everyone. We will record events. ”

Deputy Commissioner Royce was asked if there were any concerns that another sniper attack could take place along the route.

« When you bring together large numbers of people living in the life of violence, we will always have concerns, but we again have significant numbers of officials on the ground . . . we think we fixed this. « .

« There are a number or parts of it in Western Australia that will be in attendance … we know some, but it is always a club and family business. ”

All officers would have the option to wear bulletproof armor and officers would be « close at hand at a discreet distance » when on duty.

He said the Ravello Task Force, which is investigating the murder, continues to amass exhibits and witnesses and carry out search warrants.

« We continue to work en masse where bikes form, and there have been a number of charges and arrests over the past week. ”

A reward of up to $ 1 million will be offered for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for Martin’s murder.

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World news – AU – Huge farewell for the murdered Bikie boss Nick Martin
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