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Roy Krishna from ATK Mohun Bagan in action against FC Goa at the clash of the Indian Super League (ISL 2020-21) on Wednesday. – ISL / Sportzpics

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s ISL 2020-21 blog about the duel between ATK Mohun Bagan and FC Goa.

90 5 ‘It just doesn’t mean that Bedia’s header sails out of the corner and the full-time whistle sounds.

90 5 ‘WHAT A SCREAM FROM GAMA! He almost turned the rescuer of FC Goa when he fired a violent left-footed shot from around 35 meters away and forced Arindam to fend him off to a corner.

90 1 ‘Another change for ATK Mohun Bagan as SK replaces Sahil Williams. However, the fourth official five-minute signal to be added could be extended as Arindam spent most of two minutes getting medical treatment.

90 ‘Ortiz plays again as he makes an excellent cut back into the box, but Jhingan saves the day. Kotal was shown a yellow card a minute ago.

87 ‘ATK Mohun Bagan looks really shaky at the back now. FC throws men forward and the Greens and Maroons find it difficult to contain them.

85 ‘GOAL! Roy Krishna arrives from the spot to give ATK Mohun Bagan the lead. Krishna scores his fifth goal of the season with a nice finish in the lower corner. Nawaz went the right way, but could not fend off the powerful strike.

84 ‘PENALTY to ATK Mohun Bagan! Krishna is taken out in the box by Aiban and the Fijian now has a chance to bring his side forward. Aiban, who came on 10 minutes ago, cannot choose Krishna’s run and has given away a penalty.

81 ‘Second substitution for ATK Mohun Bagan as Prabir Das for Manvir Singh. Habas opted for more stability in the back and took a striker for the right back.

80 ‘McHugh is a lucky man. Ortiz storms into the pits and McHugh, obviously unable to catch up, pushes him from behind. The thrust unbalances Ortiz and he cannot get a proper shot. The Gaurs call for a penalty kick, but the referee awards a goal kick. It’s a shame for Ortiz.

75 ‘That can’t be a foul! Manvir would do really well to walk hand in hand with Brandon, and the Goa FC midfielder is down a little too easily. Let’s go to the drink break.

71 ‘McHugh does a fantastic duel to keep Noguera off shot! The Spaniard wins Halder’s ball and hits Tiri, but McHugh stole the ball off his feet before he can rip one.

70 ‘Brave goalkeeper from Arindam! Brandon’s pass deflects and sneaks into pursuit with two strikers, but Arindam races off his line to collect the ball.

69 ‘A clumsy duel by Donachie. He misses the ball completely and rattles into Krishna. Interestingly, it is not posted.

68 ‘ATK Mohun Bagan could not maintain his intensity in the first half and FC Goa tried repeatedly to enter the attacking third. The Gaurs look a lot calmer now and fight their way into the game.

61 ‘FC Goa looks a lot better now. Doungel receives the ball on the left and plays a curling cross for Angulo, but Arindam knocks him to the ball.

60 ‘Angulo, who is ISL 2020-21’s top scorer, fought for supplies today. He didn’t fire any shots in an hour!

57 ‘Excellent connection game from FC Goa. Romario plays a searching cross into the box and Noguera’s header hits the target but fails to beat Arindam. Goa is finally showing signs of what it can deliver.

54 ‘Chance for ATK Mohun Bagan! Krishna is brought down to the edge of the box and Williams queues to take the free kick. The strike lacks any poison and is an easy rescue for Nawaz.

52 ‘The high press from ATK Mohun Bagan is almost paying off again! Krishna’s closure causes Nawaz, who is not in the right position, to make a bad release. Halder wins the ball in the middle of the field and tries it at the goal, but cannot find the target.

51 ‘Goa has a chance when Doungel hits a header into the box, but it’s not near the goal.

50 ‘Manvir goes into the box but there is no penalty. He dodges Seriton, but Romario comes back well to take Manvir’s ball.

48 ‘None of the managers made any changes to the intervals. It was surprising to see Brandon still on the bench. Maybe it’s wiggling?

A hard-fought opening half ends with the remaining 0-0 line. ATK Mohun Bagan came closest to goal when David Williams in the 40th. Minute hit the post while Goa fought for chances in the final third.

ATK Mohun Bagan looked better with his savagery and offered little space to Goa, but must be careful as Tiri and Williams both carry yellow cards.

45 ‘Referee Rahul Kumar Gupta blows to signal the end of the first half.

44 ‘The minds flicker here, as every foul attracts a mini-fight. Krishna took our Gonzalez a minute ago and now Bedia and Habas seem to be trying each other.

40 ‘Speak of Williams, what a strike this is! A diagonal ball hits him on the right and his first touch is magical. He transfers the ball to his left foot and triggers a violent blow that rattles the post. Shave there for Goa FC.

39 ‘Williams, who is already yellow, needs to be careful here. He gets into an off-the-ball spit with Gonzalez for no apparent reason, but faces no disciplinary action.

37 ‘ATK Mohun Bagan’ keeper Arindam has yet to face another shot! A narrative story about Goa FC’s fights in the final third?

Action of the Indian Super League (ISL 2020-21) between ATK Mohun Bagan and FC Goa. – ISL / Sportzpics

34 ‘Another physical match here and it’s Manvir vs Rane. ATK Mohun Bagan striker is released into the box and works his way past Rane, who is on the ground and wins a free kick.

29 ‘This promises to be a good competition between Gonzalez and Krishna. The Fijian striker races to the right but the Spaniard chases him continuously before stopping his run with a timely challenge.

26 ‘FC Goa still has to settle into a rhythm as they continue to fight to create space or to gain a foothold in the opposing half.

23 ‘Williams makes a late high tackle against Gama and becomes the second player to be booked. He also gets into an argument with Bedia and pushes the captain of FC Goa away.

21 ‘Goa wins a 40 yard free kick and Bedia whips a lob but nothing comes out.

20 ‘The Gaurs have naturally struck the ball with 65 percent possession. The men in orange have yet to stand a chance and are under relentless pressure due to the high press from ATK Mohun Bagan.

15 ‘Tiri takes the first yellow card of the game. He and Angulo jump to win a header, but ATK Mohun Bagan’s defender fails to win the ball and hits his opponent in the back of the head. It is not by design, but the referee quickly flashes a card.

14 ‘First corner of the game! Edu Bedia is floating in a flank towards the long post, but Manvir is there to get him to safety. FC Goa is now in the attacking third.

9 ‘ATK Mohun Bagan’s excellent high press almost leads to the opening goal! Bedia makes a bad pass and Krishna wins it before Halder tosses it to Williams. The Australian who comes back after being injured is unable to make the desired connection.

5 ‘Krishna is awarded a free kick after being fouled by Donachie. First opportunity of the game.

3 ‘ATK Mohun Bagan decided to launch a full throttle attack today. Roy Krishna, David Williams and Manvir Singh start. Goa FC is the home of this season’s top scorer in Igor Angulo. Certainly we can expect a peat festival today?

7:25 pm: The players are out and FC Goa is putting on their orange jerseys. ATK Mohun Bagan, the designated home team, wears its maroon and green jersey.

19. 3 p.m .: ATK Mohun Bagan has an average of 46 percent possession – the third-lowest value for a team this season. FC Goa, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. The team has an average of 59 percent possession – most from one team in this campaign. Did you know that Goa FC 1. 000 more successful passes than ATK Mohun Bagan made? More comparative statistics can be found here.

7 p.m.: ATK Mohun Bagan’s winger Michael Soosairaj underwent surgery on Tuesday after a Class 3 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury virtually excluded him from the 2020-21 ISL season. More on this here

Arindam Bhattacharja (GK), Sandesh Jhingan, Subhasish Bose, Pritam Kotal, Tiri, Jayesh Rane, Pronay Halder, Carl McHugh, Manvir Singh, David Williams, Roy Krishna

Mohammad Nawaz (GK), Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, Seriton Fernandes, Redeemer Gama, Alberto Noguera, Seiminlen Doungel, Alexander Jesuraj, Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues, Igor Angulo

Arindam Bhattacharja; Pritam Kotal, Tiri, Sandesh Jhingan; Prabir Das, Brad Inman, Carl McHugh, Jayesh Rane, and Subhasish Bose; Roy Krishna, Manvir Singh

Edu Bedia will be one of the key players in Goa FC today. – ISL / Sportzpics

Mohammad Nawaz; Seriton Fernandes, Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, Savior Gama; Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues; Alexander Jesuraj, Brandon Fernandes and Jorge Mendoza Ortiz; Igor Angulo

Podcast: Shyam Vasudevan and Aashin Prasad discuss the ups and downs of week three of the Indian Super League on the full-time show.

5:45 p.m .: ATK Mohun Bagan and FC Goa will meet for the first time today in the ISL. Here are some important pre-crash statistics.

ATK Mohun Bagan, who slipped from the top position in the Indian Super League table in the last two games without a win, will host the formidable FC Goa on Wednesday at the Fatorda Stadium.

In this competition, not only do two of the strongest teams at the ISL compete against each other, but also two tactically solid managers with different philosophies.

ATKMB coach Antonio Habas does not put all eggs in the « ball possession » basket. His team is known for counterattacks and defensive organization. So far, the Kolkata giant has had an average of 46 percent possession – the third-lowest score for a team this season.

Juan Ferrando’s FC Goa team is the opposite. The Gaurs love to dominate opponents and have usually made up the lion’s share of the ball. The team has an average of 59 percent possession – most from one team in this campaign.

ATKMB however has two injury concerns with doubts for Javi Hernandez and Tiri. Injuries to the duo have upset the team’s balance and Habas acknowledged the problem after his side lost points in their last game against Hyderabad FC.

« There is still a long way to go (this season) », Habas said that his team had lost the top spot. « Of course we don’t want to lose, but we have a lot of injury problems. But we have to restore the players and get them to compete. « 

While Igor Angulo will try to increase his goalscoring rate for the Gaurs, Roy Krishna will be key for ATKMB in counterattacks. The Fijian has scored four of his team’s six goals so far – all goals come in the second half.

Of the five goals Goa has scored so far, three have come after the break and Ferrando understand that their team must be vigilant throughout the game.

« It is very important to have a plan for the team because we are playing against a very good team, not just Krishna, » he said.

« It is of course important to be compact (but) also to pay attention to the time, the area of ​​the ball and the spaces. It is important to focus on these details for 90 minutes. This team is amazing because they work hard for 90 minutes, « he added.

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The Indian Super League (ISL 2020-21) marks the return of major league competition in India after the nationwide lockdown to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak was first imposed in March.

The seventh edition of the ISL began on May 20. November in a bio-bubble in Goa.

During the four-month tournament, 11 teams will play against each other in a league and playoff format at three venues. With the addition of SC East Bengal, 115 games will be played this season, up from 95 last season.

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