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Popular sportswear brand Lorna Jane has been charged with allegedly making false claims that their active clothing could kill the coronavirus. .

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has initiated legal proceedings against the Brisbane-based company for its « Anti-Virus Activewear » marketing campaign which alleged that the products were made with a coronavirus-killing spray called « LJ (Lorna Jane) Shield » been sprayed.

The ACCC claims the anti-virus garments made a false and misleading claim against consumers without a scientific study being conducted to determine whether the active clothing could stop the spread of COVID-19.

It is also alleged that the company’s executive director, Lorna Jane Clarkson, was aware the products did not fight the virus and made personal false claims by spawning the clothes on social media and testimonials.

The statement in question from Lorna Jane reads: « With Lorna Jane Shield on our clothing we have completely eliminated the possibility of the spread of deadly viruses » and « LJ Shield – protection with ANTI-VIRUS ACTIVEWEAR ». .

Most of the claims were removed in mid-July, but according to the ACCC, Lorna Jane continued the misrepresentation on clothing labels until at least November.

ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said the allegations were not based on scientific evidence and benefited vulnerable consumers, particularly Victorians, who were battling a second wave of the virus.

« We claim that Lorna Jane’s testimony created the impression that the COVID-19 claims were based on scientific or technological evidence when it was not, » Ms. Court said.

« It is particularly worrying that allegedly misleading claims that Lorna Jane’s LJ Shield activewear could prevent the spread of COVID-19 were made at a time when fear of a second wave in Australia, particularly Victoria, and all. » Australians insisted were concerned about exposure to the virus. ”

Regardless, the Therapeutic Good Administration reported Lorna Jane three violations for a total of 39 in July. $ 960 reported.

The lawsuit related to Lorna Jane’s failure to register goods on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register, a breach of the Advertising Code, and the company’s failure to obtain TGA approval prior to making certain claims.

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World News – AU – Lorna sued for « virus-free » leggings

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