Weltnachrichten – AU – Rust surpasses a million viewers on Twitch thanks to dozens of great streamers


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Rust has been an extremely popular PC game for a long time. Although Facepunch Studios has been in Early Access since 2013 and has a full release in 2018 (although it’s still regularly updated), Facepunch Studios’ multiplayer survival sandbox has been hovering around the top ten list on Steam for years.

But as we’ve seen in Unter Uns, Phasmophobia, and others, streamers can give a big, sudden boost to games – even to those already popular, like Rust.

A bunch of well-known streamers flocked to Rust for the holidays: Shroud, XQc, Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Sodapoppin, Mythos and tons of other popular Twitch streamers started playing Rust together on the same server set up by Offline TV, end of December. That sudden surge in celebrity interest brought Rust to a new high in viewership – over a million viewers were watching streamers as it happened on Jan.. January Rust played.

Of course, this also led to a new high of simultaneous Steam players (today 134. 255, which is Rust’s record of 125. 415 from 0. April 2020 exceeded). . That’s not quite the high point we saw with Among Us, but Rust is both more expensive and far more complicated than Innersloth’s adorable little space sabotage simulator.

And as expected, all of these personalities playing a known brutal survival game together also led to a bit of drama.

The OTV RUST SERVER is too much fun, that’s all I’m thinking about. My competitiveness overwhelmed me and I was rude to non-PVPERS. TOMORROW YOU WOULD DO BETTER AND THE TEAM ROCKET WILL BE THE 31st. TAKE OVER DECEMBER 2020

I haven’t untangled all of the drama (and I don’t plan on getting the full picture from a series of contextless Twitch clips and Twitter posts), but it seems like there are a few Allegations of stream sniping and reports from some streamers putting a bit of a drag on PvP against others who were hoping for more collective role-playing and experience building. In other words, it sounds like the typical experience of playing on a public Rust server.

Server1 in rust is slowly becoming normal rust. . . Am I even bothering to sign up now? Give me the deeds what I’ve missed. 3. January 2021

On the positive side, a second offline TV server is in the works which has fewer streamers and more focus on RP, yet still has room for PvP from time to time. You can check for yourself – right now, Rust is still the number on Twitch.

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World News – AU – Rust surpasses a million viewers on Twitch thanks to dozen of great streamers

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