Weltnachrichten – AU – Sourav Ganguly on ‘popular’ switch hit: The game has gone on, it can not take it from modern batsmen


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The game of cricket has changed dramatically, as have the debates that surround it. The men’s game had long been traditional, but then T20 cricket happened. Cricket is now a fast paced game like soccer and innovation is at its core.

T20 leagues have further changed the dynamics of the game. Bowlers have innovated with bowling cutters and the slower Yorkers, while the batsmen also added new ammunition to their arsenal, including « Switch Hit ». But there is debate about this modern day cricket shot. Someone like Ian Chappel and Shane Warne, former Australian greats, have called the shot « unfair to bowlers ». . If a bowler is expected to tell the referees how they are going to bowl, then a batsman would have a moral responsibility to do the same.

However, the Switch hit was endorsed by none other than former Indian captain and current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly. Ganguly has said that the game has continued and that the « popular » switch hit cannot be taken from modern batsmen. Ganguly called Switch Hit a « brave » shot, adding that it demonstrates a batsman’s skills.

« The game went on, so I don’t see how we can take this popular stroke away from modern batsmen, » Mid Day quoted Ganguly as saying.

« You need a lot of strength to play such a brave shot. Aside from timing and foot movement, many other things are required to play this stroke. Kevin Pietersen was the first to play this shot. David Warner’s name should also come here. It’s a very good shot if you can hit it well. « 

« How can one side of the game, ie. The bowlers must tell the referee how they are going to bowl. And yet the batsman is right-handed. I am the field captain. I place the field for the right-hander. Before the ball is delivered, the batsman becomes left-handed, ”Chappell said of nine. com. ouch.

« One of the main reasons he goes left-handed is because he can take advantage of these field placements. I would love the administrators who made these laws. I would love her to explain how fair that is. ”

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World News – AU – Sourav Ganguly on « popular » switch hit: The game has continued, it cannot take modern batsmen

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