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Space enthusiasts in Tokyo watched with nervous anticipation on Saturday as the Japanese spaceship Hayabusa2 successfully separated a capsule and sent it to Earth to deliver samples of a distant asteroid that gave clues to the origin of the solar system and that Life on our planet.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said the capsule successfully emerged on Saturday afternoon. 000 kilometers away in a challenging process that required precise control. The capsule landed in a remote, sparsely populated area of ​​Woomera, Australia on Sunday. The mission could provide clues about the origin of the solar system and life on our planet. Space enthusiasts gathered to observe the moment of capsule separation at public events across Japan.

« I’ve heard that if the separation didn’t work, Hayabusa would hit the earth herself. I’m really glad it was released successfully, « said Ichiro Ryoko, who watched the release in Tokyo.

Hayabusa2 left the asteroid Ryugu, about 300 million kilometers away, a year ago. Hayabusa2’s return with the world’s first asteroid underground samples comes weeks after the NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx successfully acquired surface samples of asteroid Bennu via touch-and-go. China, meanwhile, announced this week that its lunar lander was collecting underground samples and sealing them inside the spacecraft to return to Earth while space developing countries participate in their missions.

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World news – AU – Space enthusiasts observe the separation of spacecraft from the capsule
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