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Posted: 05:08 GMT, 23. November 2020 | Updated: 05:23 GMT, Nov.. November 2020

A former Scots College student who was allegedly stabbed to death by his own mother at home in one of Sydney’s chicest suburbs is facing criminal prosecution – and should be tried this week.

Hugo Ball, 22, tripped over his parents’ $ 3. 1 million Bellevue Hill mansion approx. 1. At 40:00 on Saturday when his mother, Samantha Palmer, allegedly assaulted him.

Ms. Palmer, 55, is accused of stabbing her boy up to six times in the arm, shoulder, back and base of the skull.

At a court hearing on Sunday, an « incoherent » Mr Ball allegedly heard his mother – who had been drinking – that he was involved in a « murder » prior to the alleged attack.

With Ms. Palmer bailed out for injuring her son, Daily Mail Australia is free to bring Mr. Ball to his own drama with the criminal justice system.

Hugo Ball, 22, was allegedly stabbed to death by his own mother – at a court hearing he was told that he was speaking « incoherently » to her before telling her that he had murdered someone

Samantha Palmer, 55, was arrested in a black sundress and pearl earrings and charged by police with a wound with intent to cause serious injury.

The family’s multi-story mansion in Bellevue Hill – a posh suburb in eastern Sydney – was reportedly covered in blood on Saturday

The Bond University student was charged with two cases of possession of dangerous drugs in Queensland.

He was also hit with a number of obstacles that obstructed, attacked, or resisted an officer.

Mr. Ball was released on bail following a motion filed in July by the Gold Coast Southport Magistrates Court. His case should be on Jan.. November – this Wednesday – return.

A source close to the family confirmed that Ms. Palmer and her husband, Mr. Ball’s stepfather, James Tilley, had moved to Queensland for a while.

« We felt like there was something going on with the boy in Queensland, » they told Daily Mail Australia.

Ms. Palmer’s attorney told the court on Sunday that Mr. Ball had been « scheduled » twice at Robina Hospital in the past few months.

The family was given special permission to travel to Queensland without quarantine to take him home, the court heard on bail.

Mr Ball was pictured on the shoulders of a buddy at a music festival in 2017. A court heard that he had drug problems after graduating from prestigious Scots College in Sydney

Ms. Palmer (center) is arrested by the police and loaded into a police car on Saturday morning.

Mr Ball also had some entries on his rap sheet at home in Sydney, court records show.

In 2016, he pleaded guilty to possessing a banned drug and dishonestly misappropriating property.

In 2017 the NSW police issued an injunction for his protection against another young man.

But neighbors said the family was never known for anything like this. « They just seem like a nice, normal family, » said a Drumalbyn Road resident.

Another local described the multi-story house as a « party house » when Mr. Ball’s parents were away. “There is always music booming. ‘

A breathtaking video at the crime scene showed Mr. Ball being stretched out by police rescue workers in the early hours of Saturday morning.

His mother was heard screaming for her partner throughout the ordeal – ‘Jamie, Jamie, darling’ and ‘I love you Jamie’.

She was escorted to a waiting police car wearing a black sundress and pearl earrings and heard the officers say thank you. .

During Sunday’s trial, Ms. Palmer’s attorney, Darren Emery, said Mr. Ball fell into an addiction to ice, heroin and valium after graduating from high school.

According to a Daily Telegraph report, Mr. Emery told the court that Mr. Ball « came home (Saturday) and is acting erratically and he’s walking around incoherently ». .

« He tells her that he committed murder, » Mr. Emery told the court. Mr. Emery told the court that Ms. Palmer had been threatened.

Mr. Emery withdrew his client’s petition for bail on Sunday but is scheduled to return to the Central Local Court on Tuesday morning.

The police have also issued an arrest order for violence to protect Mr Ball. He was taken to the hospital, where he was last in stable condition.

In court, Mr. Emery said of his client: « She holds, she is strong and she will vigorously defend these charges. « .

Stinging, Bellevue Hill, Sydney

World news – AU – ‘Troubled’ past of a son who was stabbed by his mother in Bellevue Hill
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