Weltnachrichten – AU – Video: US destroyer plays « FONOP » in Peter the Great Gulf


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The provocative maneuver is just Washington’s latest attempt to view Russia as a rogue state in vandalism in vandalism, and it follows a similar move in the Taiwan Strait on Friday.

The US Navy announced Tuesday that one of its warships, the USS John S. . McCain had conducted a Free Navigation Operation (FONOP) just a few miles from Russia’s eastern port city of Vladivostok, where the Russian Pacific Fleet is headquartered.

According to the US Seventh Fleet, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer “has safeguarded the rights, freedoms and legitimate uses of the sea recognized by international law by challenging Russia’s excessive maritime claims. ”

The press release states that in 1984 the Soviet Council of Ministers declared a system of straight baselines for parts of its east coast, including those facing the Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea, Sea of ​​Okhotsk and, like Peter the Great Gulf, the Japanese sea. Some of them Washington has decided to argue.

“With this final line, the USSR has tried to claim more inland waters – and the territorial sea further away from the sea – than it can claim under international law. Russia continued the claim of the USSR, ”continued the Navy. “With this operation, the United States has shown that these waters are not Russia’s territorial sea and that the United States disagrees with Russia’s claim that Peter the Great is a ‘historic bay’ under international law. ”

The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage of the incident through Krasnaya Zvezda, the military’s news agency. The film is shot from the deck of the Udaloy-class Admiral Vinogradov frigate, which responded to the incursion of the USS McCain.

The USS John S. . McCain was conducting a free navigation operation near Peter the Great Bay in the Sea of ​​Japan today. Russia claimed it breached the Russian sea border by 2 km. It was hit by Admiral Vinogradov of the Pacific Fleet. https: // t. co / TkIsL5Qs9Z image. Twitter. com / 2kvKjiAOfJ

According to the Department of Defense, the McCain crossed two kilometers of the maritime borders claimed by Russia.

Another US destroyer, the USS Barry, launched on Sept.. November according to the US Pacific Fleet through their own FONOP across the Taiwan Strait. The maneuver is just one of several this year intended to disregard Chinese claims to sovereignty against the autonomous island of Taiwan, which enjoys informal support from the United States.

It is unclear what great material gain Washington will expect from rejecting this claim and demonstrating that it can sail a US warship within a few dozen miles of a major Russian city. However, the press release notes that the US sees itself as an advocate of international law: In recent years Washington has spared no effort to view Russia and several other nations as “revisionist” powers trying to restore the US-worked order after the cold war change when it was the only superpower in the world.

A 1987 US State Department document on changes to the Soviet border notes that the US has denied Moscow’s claim that Peter the Great Gulf has been a « historic body of water » since 1957.

According to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of ​​1982, nations are allowed to use straight baselines, among other things, « in places where the coast is deeply indented or cut in ».

According to the State Department, the line over Peter the Great Bay does not meet any United Nations requirement, but the Department’s justifications for this position are subjective and simple, so the coast is not sufficiently indented.

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World News – AU – Video: US destroyer performs « FONOP » in Peter the Great Gulf, claiming excessive Russian sea hold

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