Weltnachrichten – AU – Xpeng uses Livox LiDARs for the 2021 vehicle range


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Xpeng, often referred to as the Tesla of China, is partnering with Livox on its LiDAR technology used in its 2021 line of production vehicles. This makes Xpeng the first company in the world to use Livox LiDAR technology in a production vehicle.

Livox has a bespoke « Horiz » LiDAR sensor for Xpeng that is not only suitable for the automotive industry, but also affordable and reliable. The implementation of the LiDAR is of central importance for the ADAS system XPilot in Xpengs vehicles.

Livox claims that there is a detection range of 150 m, which allows XPilot to detect distant objects and obstacles, even when driving on freeways and on secondary and tertiary roads.

This system even contains a new LiDAR with ultra frames per second and rotating mirror technology. In this way, the LiDAR can detect objects with its area of ​​interest and capture 20 Hz point cloud data when the entire system is operating at a frame rate of 10 Hz.

In this way, the area of ​​the point cloud density is increased by 144 lines, which are equivalent at 0. 1 second with the need for additional laser transmitters. In other words, XPeng has to implement fewer LiDARs in the vehicle, which is inexpensive.

However, the system is so sophisticated that tiny objects such as the road surface, pedestrians, bicycles and traffic cones can be easily recognized. The horizontal field of view is also extreme at 120 degrees, which gives Xpilot a high level of spatial awareness.

XPilot 3. 0 integrates 12 ultrasonic sensors, 5 high-precision Bosch mmWave radars, 13 autonomous driving cameras and the autonomous driving chipset Nvidia Drive Xavier as well as the in-vehicle Snapdragon 820A chipset from Qualcomm.

The Xpeng X7 comes with XPilot 3. 0 is the first level 3 autonomous series vehicle in China and is now also being equipped with Livox LiDAR technology.

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World news – AU – Xpeng uses Livox LiDARs for the vehicle range 2021

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