Weltnachrichten – GB – Canary Islands: Travel advice from the Foreign Office for Tenerife & Lanzarote amid British flight bans


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The country was thrown into chaos on Saturday when the government abandoned Britain’s Christmas plans for tighter restrictions. Many Britons often flee the UK to the Canary Islands over the Christmas and New Year seasons in order to achieve a warmer climate.

The UK Department of Foreign Affairs for the Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) has now issued new guidance after a new highly contagious mutation of the coronavirus was discovered in the UK.

Those who live in London and the South East and are now living in Tier 4 restrictions are no longer allowed to travel.

This means that trips to Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are forbidden for a winter sun.

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Spain has also joined a number of countries around the world, banning flights from the UK.

The new Tier 4 rules state that Brits living in these regions cannot travel in the UK either.

However, there are exceptions to the rules that include travel for work purposes. The latest information on the government website reads, « If you live outside of a Tier 4 area, you can still travel into or through a Tier 4 area to travel abroad if necessary. However, you should carefully consider whether or not you need to. « . Additionally, you should follow the advice of public health in the country you are in.

« If you need to travel overseas from a Tier 4 area (and this is permitted by law, e.g.. B.. because it is for work), even if you return to a place you have previously visited, you should check out the rules that apply at your destination. « 

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For those exempt from the latest FCDO rules, you must self-isolate when returning to the UK from the islands.

However, the British are asked to show a negative coronavirus test at least 72 hours prior to arrival.

Brits traveling to the islands who are booked in « regulated tourist accommodations » must present a negative coronavirus test upon check-in, which was done no more than 72 hours earlier.

Brits will also need to download and activate the Radar COVID Alert App for the duration of their stay and for 15 days after their return to the UK.

Before traveling to the Canaries, a Spanish health form must also be filled out and signed online.

Upon arrival in the Canary Islands, a health check will also be carried out, which includes a temperature and visual check.

However, the UK government has put in place a new rule that bans non-essential travel outside the country due to the faster spread of the new strain of coronavirus.

Britons planning to travel abroad should not use the NHS to get a test to travel abroad.

Only Spanish citizens and those currently living in the country are allowed to enter. Madrid has also announced plans to strengthen its border with Gibraltar.

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World news – GB – Canary Islands: Travel advice from the Foreign Office for Tenerife & Lanzarote amid British flight bans

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