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The owner of a bar that is about to voluntarily close due to Covid-19 measures was shocked after a customer left a huge tip.

The owner of Night Town in Cleveland, Brendan Ring, wrote on Facebook that he had just closed the bar when a man walked in and ordered a beer.

After enjoying the beer, he returned the credit card slip to Mr. Ring, wishing him well and asking him to share it among the staff of the day.

« When he went out, I looked at the tip and found that he’d buy a whopping 3 for a single beer. 000 USD (4th. A $ 100) tip, ”wrote Ring.

The owner believed an error had occurred while walking outside to catch up with the customer, who confirmed that he had intended to overturn that amount.

« I ran after him and he said, » No mistake, we’ll see you when you open again, « wrote Mr. Ring.

Mr. Ring shared a picture of the receipt with the tip on Facebook that he was overwhelmed by the generous gesture.

« Unbelievable, but symbolic of the kind of quality people we’ve known in Nighttown over the years, » he said.

« I could post his name but I won’t as I think he doesn’t want to, but all of my waiters and I are humbly grateful for this incredibly kind and grand gesture. ”

Night Time announced that they would serve their last drink on Sunday (local time) and wished customers a happy thank you from Covid.

« We will miss you, stay sane and hope to see everyone on the other side, » wrote it on Facebook.

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The mother of the newborn, who is described by the public prosecutor as a « convict », faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years and has been charged with attempted murder.

A bar that is closing its doors due to coronavirus received an unexpected boost from a customer just dropping by for a beer.

The NSW Premier was grilled in a television interview for not isolating after a coronavirus test.

After much controversy, Queensland is opening to Sydneysiders and is expected to announce an invitation to welcome the Victorians in the coming days.

‘Hello neighbor! I saw you received my food! I hope it sits well in your stomach, ”the note began.

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Cleveland, Nighttown, Ohio

World News – UK – ‘No Mistake’: The shocking act of a generous man after buying a beer

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