Weltnachrichten – UK – SEISS Warning: Brits urged to consider tax burden the third grant applications filed today


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SEISS, formerly known as the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, was developed to provide support in the COVID-19 crisis. The system was set up in early 2020 and offered two grants to cover part of the trade profits. However, given the ongoing effects of the pandemic, two more grants have been offered by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Support from the third grant now covers 80 percent of average trading profit from November through January.

Support for third party grants is a maximum of £ 7. 500 to help the self-employed.

However, there are important considerations to consider for those wishing to file a claim from today.

The third SEISS grant should not simply be viewed as “free money” by applicants.

This is because there are tax implications to consider that may have an impact later.

The government has confirmed that the third grant is taxable, so it is worth taking this into account when applying.

It has been stated that the grant does not have to be repaid if a person is eligible to receive it.

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For this reason, it can take a while before a self-employed person actually has to repay the tax.

The expected deadline for the self-assessment 2020/21 is 31. January 2022 so that people have time to put their affairs in order.

For those who wish to plan ahead, there is a way to assess the potential tax burden that may arise.

For most people, income tax is levied at a property tax rate of 20 percent.

Brits must keep evidence to back up their claim that SEISS should provide the HMRC in the future.

This is because, in order to claim, a person must « reasonably believe » that he will suffer a significant decrease in his trading profit due to decreased activity, capacity, demand or inability to trade.

Mr. Warne said: “SEISS will prove to be a lifeline for many who cannot act differently due to COVID restrictions.

“There are other support elements as well, including the recently expanded bounce-back loan program, tax deferrals for income tax and sales tax, targeted business support grants, and interest rate relief. ”

In order to receive the third grant from today, self-employed persons must have acted in 2018/19 and submitted their tax return for self-assessment in good time and have acted in the 2019/20 tax year.

The trading profit must not exceed 50. Be at least £ 000 and equal to at least one person’s non-trading income.

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World News – UK – SEISS Warning: Brits are urged to consider tax burden as their third grant applications today
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