World news – A study found that hyperbaric oxygen treatments reverse the aging process


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November 20, 2020

From Tel Aviv University

A new study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and the Shamir Medical Center in Israel indicates that hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) treatments in healthy adults can stop blood cell aging and reverse the aging process.. In a biological sense, adult blood cells are actually growing younger as treatment progresses.

Researchers have discovered that a unique protocol of treatments using hyperbaric oxygen in a pressure room can reverse two major processes associated with aging and its diseases: shortening of telomeres (the protection zones at the ends of each chromosome) and the accumulation of old and damaged cells in the body.. Focusing on immune cells that contain DNA taken from participants’ blood, the study discovered a 38% prolongation of telomeres, as well as a reduction of up to 37% in the presence of senescent cells..

The study was led by Professor Shai Efrati from the Sackler College of Medicine and the Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University and founder and director of the Sagol Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Shamir Medical Center; And dr. Amir Hadani, Chief Medical Research Officer at Sajul Hyperbaric Medicine and Research Center at Shamir Medical Center. The clinical trial was conducted as part of a comprehensive Israeli research program targeting aging as a reversible condition.

Professor Efrati explains: “For many years, our team has been involved in the research and treatment of hyperbaric – therapies based on protocols for exposure to hyperbaric oxygen at different concentrations in a pressure room.”. “Our accomplishments over the years have included improving brain functions damaged by age, stroke, or brain injury.

“In the current study, we wanted to examine the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on healthy adults and independently of the elderly, and to discover whether these treatments could slow down, stop, or even reverse the natural aging process at the cellular level..

Researchers subjected 35 healthy individuals 64 years of age or older to a series of 60 high-pressure sessions over a period of 90 days.. Each participant provided blood samples before, during, and at the end of the treatment, as well as some time after the series of treatments ended. Then the researchers analyzed different immune cells in the blood and compared the results.

The results indicated that the treatments actually reversed the aging process in two of its main aspects: The telomeres at the ends of the chromosomes grew longer rather than being shorter by an average of 20% to 38% depending on the cell type; The percentage of senescent cells in the total cell count decreased significantly – by 11% -37% depending on cell type.

“Telomere shortening is today considered the“ holy grail ”of aging biology,” said Professor Efrati. “Researchers around the world are trying to develop pharmacological and environmental interventions that extend telomeres. Our HBOT protocol managed to achieve this, proving that it can actually reverse the aging process at the fundamental cellular molecular level.

“So far, interventions such as lifestyle modification and intense exercise have been shown to have some inhibitory effect on telomere shortening”, Dr.. . Hadani adds. But in our study, only three months of hyperbaric oxygen therapy were able to lengthen telomeres at rates far greater than any currently available interventions or lifestyle modifications.. With this groundbreaking study, we opened the door to further research on the cellular effect of hyperbaric oxygen and its ability to reverse the aging process.. .  »

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World News – Britain – The study found that hyperbaric oxygen treatments reverse the aging process


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