World news – AFL 2021 LIVE Updates: Collingwood Magpies open their new season against Western Bulldogs


Bailey Smith was great in that game, but that goal only showed the depth and mix of talents on their roster when Bailey Dale, Aaron Naughton and Marcus Bontempelli all had a hand in goal.

Smith got it booted as a major. His mullet is really the best in the AFL, but with some leeway.

Again, Collingwood reacted after conceding a goal in which Darcy Moore ran hard over the wing to launch an attack that with one Brody Mihocek’s kick ended.

The dogs may have a friendly 10 yards to pass into Aaron Naughton, but you can’t question his kick for the goal if the dogs snap forward with a kick out of the left pocket, which went up in the middle.

Channel Seven commentators struggled with the pass claiming it was closer than six meters than ten, but Naughton’s kick ended that discussion.

The pace is up Very high in this third season, but both sides messed up their lines when kicking for the goal.

The Western Bulldogs threatened to tear up the competition with their frenzied run and three goals in just over six minutes in the first minutes but the Magpies quickly changed their tactics.

They sent numbers behind the ball to make sure the dogs had a harder time scoring a goal, although that meant it was harder for them to score too To score.

Adam Treloar had an unforgettable moment when he met Aaron Naughton with his first touch on the front and turned the key forward, but his impact was minimal for the remainder of the first half.

Defensive pillars Jeremy Howe and Darcy Moore completed several intercepts for the Magpies, but more is needed from Jordan De Goey.

The dogs have dominated the inside 50 count 35-17 and should be halfway ahead.

The dogs could have had a much bigger head start again if they could do more with their possessions, but Collingwood shows some fights and keeps them at bay.

Jack Crisp’s goal just before the siren settles for Collingwood as so wic while the dogs have to focus their thoughts on the positive aspects, which are that they dominate possession and look far more dynamic.

Only two of the top 10 possession winners are from Collingwood, and the dogs also dominate the « time in the forward 50 ». stat.

The dogs tried to slow the pace, but Collingwood tried to get the ball back and clear the flyer Jack Crisp.

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