World news – African Union – Coronavirus infects the Australian language as the word 2020 is named


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The Australian National Dictionary Center has recognized the dominance of COVID-19 by naming « iso », short for « isolation », as the word for the year.

The word was chosen from a shortlist of five expressions, only one of which is unrelated to the virus. The term was « black summer, » referring to the disastrous 2019-20 bushfire season.

Amanda Logisen, editor-in-chief of the Australian National Lexicon, said the pandemic has inspired most of the new words used in the country this year.

She said the word « iso » was a particular Australian idea of ​​a global outbreak, which changed the language around the world..

“We’ve also discovered that the word has been used with a wide range of things,” Dr. Logisen told ABC Radio Canberra.

We had « ISO bread » – I put in « ISO kilograms » of « ISO bread » and ended up with « waist circumference ».

The center, which is based at the Australian National University and linked to the Oxford Dictionary, selects a word or phrase every year that has gained fame in Australia..

Dr. Logisen said that 2020 has been a fruitful year for dictionary designers, who have added several hundred terms to the center’s database of pandemic language..

« We found that » iso « , especially when used on its own, was very prominent in Australia versus other English-speaking countries, ».

“One of them is the medicalization of language – we have learned a lot of things about ‘personal protective equipment’, ‘cluster effects’ and ‘reproductive numbers’,.

«  The other thing that we’ve seen are new words coined that denote some social influence – some are slang terms, some are fun terms or hashtags..

To break the latest news and research to understand how the world is living during a pandemic, this is ABC’s Coronacast Podcast.

One of the short phrases was « COVID normal, » which is increasingly being used by political leaders.

Dr. Logisen noted that Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews pushed the stage into national use by mentioning it frequently during his daily press conferences.

The other « bubble », was widely used to refer to a group of countries, regions or people who have formed a closed system to reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus.

In 2019, the center named « the voice » after the word of the year, saying it had been used to refer to the political representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples..

Other words used by the center in the past include « Canberra bubble », « democracy sausage », « sharing economy » and « shirt front. ».

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World News – African Union – Coronavirus infects the Australian language as 2020 word of the year


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