World news – African Union – Evans’ House book publishing house dumped because of the neo-Nazi symbol


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Controversial Chef Pete Evans was abandoned by his book publisher long ago after publishing a cartoon meme that includes a well-known neo-Nazi symbol like Black Sun.

Facebook sharing was enough for Pan Macmillan, who has published 15 books by Evans, to sever ties with the former My Kitchen Rules host.

There are now calls for Channel 10 to follow suit and remove it from the show « I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here », which has just been confirmed as a contestant in the new season.. .

A Paleo attorney has since removed the post in question, which shows the black sun symbol on the wing of a seated black butterfly.

The symbol appeared on the ground at Castle of Welsburg, Germany, which Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler turned into a site of worship that was used to inculcate the hateful ideologies of Adolf Hitler in the minds of SS officers.

When a Facebook user commented that « the butterfly symbol is a representation of the black sun, » Evans wrote, « I was waiting for someone to see it. ».

“Sincere apologies to anyone who misinterpreted a previous post of a caterpillar and butterfly worm talking about a drink and realizing that I was promoting hate,” he wrote on Facebook.

“I look forward to studying all of the icons that have been around at any given time and thoroughly researching them before publishing.

With an apology, Evans posted a picture of a big, colored heart in the hope that it would resonate « deeply in everyone’s hearts, » he wrote.

But it was too late for Pan Macmillan, who released a statement saying he did not support his recent posts and would end his contractual relationship.

« These opinions are not our views as a company or the opinions of our employees. ».

Continued: “Pan Macmillan is currently finalizing its contractual relationship with Pete Evans and will therefore not enter into any further publishing agreements moving forward..

Dymocks Bookstore wrote on Twitter that it is in the process of removing its books from its website and has « advised our stores to return their stock as the publisher offered ».

On Monday, TV Blackbox reported that Evans was set to go to the woods for the next season of I’m a Celebrity.

The show’s producers are said to have had crisis talks over whether to take it out of the season.

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World News – Australia – Evans House was dumped by the book publisher because of the neo-Nazi symbol
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