World news – African Union – Jamal Adams suffered depression while playing with airplanes: « It affected my life »


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Jamal Adams was in a bad place at the end of his time with the New York Jets.

Adams, who was in the middle of his first season with the Seattle Seahawks after spending his first three years in the league in New York, said Tuesday that he was suffering from depression before it was traded away..

Although there were many factors, one of the biggest problems was that Jets « didn’t want to win, » as he said on his All Things Covered podcast.

“Brother, I fought depression in New York,” Adams said. “And I’m man enough to say that. I came home after a terrible loss and sat in my room in the dark – no phone, no TV. [My father] used to hate to see me like that. Pops have killed a lot . . . He was calling my agent at the time saying, “Hey man, I don’t like seeing my son like that. I need him out of this situation.

Adams was selected as None. 6 overall by Jets in 2017, and made 273 total interventions and two interceptions during his three seasons with the team. He collided with the front office by the end of his time there. The Jets reportedly approached Adams about a contract extension, although negotiations were subsequently delayed repeatedly amid reports that he had clashed with head coach Adam Gas – who repeatedly criticized him publicly..

Adams finally traded with Seahawks for three future draft picks in July. Pooled 35 total treatments with Seattle (6-3).

« Let’s be honest. Adams said, « The planes were a laughing stock. ». « [In Seattle], that’s how the NFL is supposed to be. This is the dream I have been dreaming of.

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World News – Confederation – Jamal Adams suffered from depression while playing with the Jets: « He It affected my life.  »
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