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World news – African Union – Rudd’s petition raises a Senate investigation into media diversity

The Greens have pushed for a Senate investigation that would examine the dominance of News Corp's influence in Australia after petitioning and support from former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and support from his liberal counterpart Malcolm Turnbull

The Greens have successfully launched an investigation into media diversity in Australia, and jumped on a petition from former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to form a royal committee to dominate News Corp Market Rupert Murdoch

The investigation was set up Wednesday afternoon after Green Senator Sarah Hanson Young, who will lead the investigation, submitted a motion to Parliament earlier in the week.

“It is clear from the half a million signatures on the record-breaking petition for the establishment of a Royal Commission on Media Diversity that Australians are extremely concerned about the concentration of media ownership, Murdoch’s power and political influence,” Ms. Hanson Young said, “As Parliament, it was right to take action on this Concerns « 

“The media landscape in Australia is changing rapidly. We need to ensure a strong and independent news industry in the public interest to support our democracy”

Mr. Rudd’s petition on the Australian Parliament website has received more than 500,000 digital signatures since October

“News Corp Australia has been one of the participants in at least nine media inquiries made over the past decade,” said Michael Miller, President of News Corp Australasia As usual, we will continue to participate constructively in these important conversations.

Mr. Rudd, who sought support for Mr. Murdoch and News Corp’s papers during his tenure as Labor Opposition Leader and Prime Minister, has been a staunch critic of the company since losing in the 2013 federal election to Tony Abbott.

Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was one of the signers of the Rudd Petition and invited others to do so in late October as prime minister.

News Corp has not, yet, been involved in consolidating the industry since those laws were repealed in 2017, although CEO Lachlan Murdoch failed in his attempt to buy the Ten, along with then-partner Bruce Gordon.

The feud escalated between Mr. Turnbull and News Corp on Monday during an episode of ABC’s Q&A, where the former prime minister accused the newspaper’s publisher of blaming last summer’s wildfires on arsonists Paul Kelly, the traveling editor of The Australian News-owned who was also on the show, has pushed to speak out against the business

“The company you work for and its friends in politics, like Trump and others, have turned this issue of physics into an issue of values ​​or identity.” Mr. Turnbull said that saying you believe or don’t believe in global warming is like saying you believe in attractiveness or not in it.

“Last summer, 12 million hectares of our country were burned, and your newspapers were saying that it was all a result of some arsonists. James Murdoch was so disgusted that he distanced himself from the family business How offensive, prejudice, and devastation that should be, Paul Before you say – one of our greatest writers and journalists – “enough, I got out of it?”

« This unsupported statement is blatantly incorrect and a News Corp spokesman said, » The facts show flagrantly the falsehood of Mr. Turnbull’s claim.

“During the wildfire period, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail and The Advertiser published 3335 stories about forest fires between September 1 of last year and January 23. Only 34 percent mentioned the burning. Arson « or » arson « 

« In the same period, the news, com, and the American University published more than 300 stories about forest fires, of which only 16 mentioned arson, equivalent to 5 per cent. None of these small stories mentioned that forest fires were » all a result.  » For fire addicts « 

The climate change coverage case has been a sore point for News Corp. over the past 12 months, as Murdoch’s younger brother James spoke dramatically against the company earlier this year, then left the company’s board of directors in October

The Labor Party moved to adopt strict new rules after exposing bad behavior by MPs and employees in Parliament

Since lowering the Reserve Bank rate to 010 percent, nine banks have reduced at least one of their savings rates

The COVID-19 vaccine in hand, combined with the promise of stability in the White House, led to bond sales and continued to rotate within stocks reflecting unexpected optimism about economic growth

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World News – AU – Rudd Petition urging the Senate to achieve media diversity

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